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Watch out for these fake and satire sites, think before you click, and read before you react

How sure are you that the article you’re seeing on your Facebook News feed now is genuine or not? You can always use Google or any other search engines to verify the articles, but many people often neglect this step, making them vulnerable to websites deliberately sharing fake articles or sites that meant to create fun by making satire articles out of trending topics.

Meme Buster was, in fact, created to counter the lies online. After busting hundreds of memes and lies, we’ve come up with a list of websites that are fond of posting fake articles and websites with disclaimers that they are sharing satirical articles. We’ll keep updating this list as we encounter more sites with made-up stories.


Sites with Fake articles

  1.  Pinoy Speak (Duterte News)

Pinoy Speak (Duterte News) posts satirical articles and passes them off as real news, such as Senator Manny Pacquiao giving $5 million for Duterte’s drug war and the showing of Agot Isidro and alleged drug lord lover’s video in the Senate.

It also shares fake articles, such as Jackie Chan begging to make a movie out of Duterte’s first 100 days; Jaybee Sebastian linking PNoy to drugs; Sebastian engaging in an affair with Senator Leila de Lima in exchange for drug protection; Senator Antonio Trillanes IV receiving a P500-M check to destroy Duterte,  among others. This meant it does not bother checking its sources.

  1. DW-TV3

Some of DW-TV3’s articles may look like satire articles, but the site’s “About Us” page did not say anything about it being a satire site.

Meme Buster has busted several articles posted by this site, including the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau praising Duterte’s drug war, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling Duterte “brave”, Hillary Clinton showing Duterte some love or calling him “the world’s man”, and Agot Isidro dating drug lords.

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