Busted: Sebastian has not made any confession about his alleged relationship with de Lima

Has high-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian finally spoken about his alleged relationship with Senator Leila de Lima?

Facebook page “Rodrigo Duterte My President” shared an article about Sebastian “admitting” to having an intimate relationship with de Lima in exchange for protection and the article went viral, showing how many people believed in the article.

Sebastian Relationship with de Lima

The page even shared the article twice, on October 2 and 4. The first post gained 8,000 reactions and over 4,000 shares, as of writing.

Actually, there is basically no article in Pinoy Speak, or what appeared as “Duterte News” on their blog. It was merely a longer description of the title published with a 2-minute long YouTube video.

According to the video, Sebastian felt that de Lima was a “nymphomaniac” who offered protection for his drug business in exchange for being intimate with him. It also claimed that Sebastian was “forced” to agree to de Lima’s offer and that he made a deal with the then justice secretary to exempt him from the 2014 raid in the New Bilibid Prison. The video said that Sebastian asked de Lima to target other high-profile inmates who are also supplying drugs, like Herbert Colangco and the Chinese drug lords, so he would have full control over the entire Bilibid drug trade.


However, Sebastian’s recently released sworn statement was about the stabbing incident in the Bilibid that killed one inmate and hurt him, along with two other high-profile inmates. He expressed his willingness to talk about what he knew about the drug trade in the Bilibid with President Rodrigo Duterte. However, Duterte rejected that offer, saying that he does not talk to criminals.

So were wondering just where these supposed statements from Sebastian came from? Did Sebastian spill the beans to whoever made the video? Or did they simply rehash rumors, put it on YouTube, and stamp a controversial title to the article to draw people in?

We also checked the other posts on the blog and found a few articles that we’ve busted.

Sebastian Relationship with de Lima

Trillanes jokingly dismissed the accusations about him talking to the cops and soldiers to start a coup, saying Duterte doesn’t need one because he is already “self-destructing,” and that the military is still investigating the coup talks. We also busted that article about Senator Tito Sotto filing charges against de Lima was based on an unverified claim with a misleading title. And US President Barack Obama surely did not say Duterte’s administration will make the Philippines the “fastest, richest growing country.”

Based on these fake articles, it makes the blog’s claim about Sebastian making statements regarding his “relationship” with de Lima doubtful. If it posted fake articles before, what makes us think it’s not posting a fake story about Sebastian’s supposed statements now?

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