Busted: Sotto to file charges against de Lima? It’s an unverified claim with a misleading title

A blog named We Blog PH or Trending News Ph File puts out news of Senator Tito Sotto planning to file a case against Senator Leila De Lima for allegedly presenting a ‘fake’ witness to the stand.

Charges Against De Lima

Charges Against De Lima

Charges Against De Lima

According to the article, self-confessed Davao Death Squad member and Senate witness Edgar Matobato admitted to not knowing who arranged for his arrival to present as a witness when probed by Sotto, which was in contrast to his former statement of not wanting to reveal who in order to protect the person’s safety. Furthermore, the article was quick to put emphasis on how Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes were not surprised when a witness was presented at the hearing as compared to other senators who were present. The article also pointed out both senators’ history with the President to serve as evidence that the witness was nothing but subversive propaganda.

We checked the article’s source, which led us to Trending News Portal that claims to give out regular updates on the most sensational stories and events from different parts of the world, making no claims on the reliability of its content.


In addition to this, Trending News Ph File has even put out a disclaimer page on their own site stating that they do not give any assurance that the site’s contents are accurate, current or complete. They have even stated that any reliance placed on information available at their site is solely the risk of the reader.

The same disclaimer about not making assurances regarding the “accuracy, currency or completeness” of the site’s content was also made by We Blog PH or Trending News PH File.

Would you trust these kinds of sites or blogs that cannot even guarantee just how accurate their articles are? Should you just keep second-guessing whether these sites’ articles are true or not?

Upon closer inspection, we were also able to discover that the exact article from Trending News Portal had been re-posted by,,,, and many others, which proves that these sites do not even bother to validate their sources. And the article from these sites have been shared by so many Duterte fan pages on Facebook.

But if you check the major news portals, no report has been made about Sotto filing charges against de Lima. So, the claims made by Duterte blogs and Facebook fan pages as well as other blogs are unfounded and unverified. These blogs also often resort to writing shocking titles even if their content end up being completely irrelevant to the title. That’s how they take advantage of netizens who only read up to the article’s title and then sharing or reacting to it without even caring about its content.

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