Netizen to presidential communications group: Gently tell Duterte mentioning anyone else’s rape is off-limits

Reacting to President Rodrigo Duterte citing an actress’ rape case to defend his drug war, Gang Badoy Capati took to Facebook to urge the presidential communications group to advise Duterte to make more appropriate speeches, including not mentioning other people’s rape or traumatic memory.
Capati narrated what Duterte said in Malacañang during his speech at the ceremonial signing of the 2018 National Budget and Tax Reform Bills into law on December 18.

“”May I be forgiven by Maggie dela Riva. During our time, ang nire-rape noon, yung magaganda,” he said in a speech in Malacañang at the ceremonial signing of the 2018 NATIONAL BUDGET and TAX REFORM BILLS into law Tuesday (December 19), Duterte said the women raped before had the looks “worth dying for.” (The accused in the dela Riva rape got the chair.) “And these days,” Duterte continues, “…kung sino na lang.” (proceeds to cite pedophilia etc) Proceeds again with the obsessive rambling on drugs- mentions a list of which drug is worse than what. And again, the oft-repeated “If you destroy my children, I will kill you” schtick,” Capati wrote on Facebook on December 20.

Addressing Duterte’s communications group, she started off asking whether they prepared a “more event-appropriate” speech for the President, considering how he was speaking at an event involving the country’s historic Tax Reform Law and National Budget.

Capati then turned to asking about Duterte mentioning actress Maggie dela Riva’s rape that happened in the 1960s.

“Any chance someone can gently tell the President that mentioning anyone else’s rape should have been off limits?” she said.
“The emotional cost alone of bringing up someone else’s traumatic memories publicly after so long or coming forward with their most horrid recollections renders ‘the mentioned’ bankrupt. Ubos yon,” she added.

She also asked when Duterte would start giving appropriate speeches or when they will “limit mic time” for the President, even suggesting possible events that can fill the time to prevent Duterte from “rambling.”

“Any chance you can limit mic time for your Principal? Less rambling. More seremonyas,” she said.

“I dunno, fireworks, Bayanihan Dance Troupe, Madrigals, Ballet Philippines- anything to kill time and lessen him being the main event- even if he is the main event. (I get that.) Pero less … chances lang sana for run-on, fragmented repeat-thought sharing. (I’m sure hindi rin gaanong okey sa inyo ‘to.)” she added.

Capati inquired as to when Duterte would stick to his prepared speeches.

She added that still has hope that Duterte “can do better than this.”

Capati is the half-sister of former Social Welfare Asec. Lorraine Badoy Partosa. Last October, Partosa was appointed as Presidential Communications Operations Office Undersecretary.

Other netizens also weighed in on Duterte’s remarks about dela Riva’s case.

“Please. Can anyone push DU30 in screening his speeches. I didn’t vote for him, I see the good and the bad in what he does, but his speeches, sometimes, makes my skin crawl..,” a Twitter user said.

Dela Riva, then 25 years old, was raped in 1967 by four men from elite families. She filed a case against all four, but one died of drug overdose in 1970 before the execution while the other three were executed by electric chair in 1972.

Duterte has been hit before for making rape remarks, the first of which was during his campaign in 2016 when he narrated the slay-rape case of a female Australian missionary in the 1980s. He was slammed once again for cracking another rape joke in May 2017 when he told soldiers that he would own up to their crimes if they rape up to three women only. Even Duterte’s supporters called him out on his joke. For the third time in July 2017, Duterte’s rape remarks against Miss Universe candidates sparked outrage.

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