Busted: Article about Nostradamus predicting Duterte’s election, calling him a ‘messiah’ is a SATIRICAL piece

An article claiming that Nostradamus, a reputed seer who published a popular collection of prophecies, predicted the election of President Rodrigo Duterte, even calling him a “messiah in the pearl of the orient seas,” was shared in October 2016 on Facebook by “Solid Rodrigo Duterte Fighters.” It even gained over 5,800 shares and 2,600 reactions, as of December 2016.

 Nostradamus Predicting Dutertes Election

“The power of sixteen million forsaken souls will give birth to a messiah in the pearl of the orient seas.”

This is the article’s opening sentence, which it claimed to be Nostradamus’ prediction in the 1500s, which allegedly baffled historians because this is exactly what happened in the Philippines with Duterte’s win last May 2016.


The article noted how the prediction referred to the Philippines by bringing up the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” and Duterte’s 16 million voters, who want “change after decades of abuse by the government.”

Nostradamus allegedly predicted Duterte as the “new age messiah.”

The seer was even directly quoted saying, “The millennial messiah will question GOD himself as a representation of his own frustrations to save the world.” The article was quick to point out how Duterte questioned God by asking, “Where are You when a baby is raped and killed?” This remark from Duterte, though, is true.


Concluding the story, the article said that history is indeed repeating itself.

However, this article from is merely a satirical piece that many netizens took as the truth, based on their comments.

 Nostradamus Predicting Dutertes Election
 Nostradamus Predicting Dutertes Election

 Nostradamus Predicting Dutertes Election

Even some of the netizens who commented on the post understood that this is a satirical article.

 Nostradamus Predicting Dutertes Election

It is indeed satire, as all the other articles in the site are. The website’s purpose is indicated right below the website name – “Satire News For Your Entertainment.”

 Nostradamus Predicting Dutertes Election

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