Busted: De Lima chased by police after giving New Year message threatening Duterte? Fake news alert!

With Senator Leila De Lima back in the country, it seems that detractors are adamant in bringing her down as they continue to release fake articles to worsen her image.

A day after the start of the new year, Facebook groups “Duterte News Media” and “Tatay Digong – Unofficial” shared news of Senator De Lima allegedly threatening President Duterte in her New Year message, which caused the police to chase the said senator.

De Lima Chased by Police
De Lima Chased by Police

According to the article, published by, De Lima’s New Year message said: “Karma will visit Duterte in 2017. Just as he kills the innocent, Karma will visit him too. Wishing you all a Happy and Karma New Year.”

In her first six months as part of the Senate, De Lima has had to face multiple accusations by Duterte and his allies from taking briberies from drug lords convicted in the New Bilibid Prison.

In a text message, De Lima had wished “for an atmosphere of truth-telling and accordingly those who lied and testified against her be stricken with conscience.” She also wished for “a serene personal life, free from hypocrisies and betrayals.”

Last year, the former justice secretary’s personal relationships were brought to light with the questioning of her former bodyguard and lover, Ronnie Dayan, in front of the House of Representatives for allegedly being her bagman.


Kerwin Espinosa, a confessed drug kingpin, as well as numerous high-profile inmates also gave testimonials against her, as they claimed that they provided De Lima money to fund her senatorial campaign.

De Lima’s text also included: “I wish for the President to regain a sense of morality, and compassion for the poor who remain victims of his drug war,” as she wishes for the President to end his bloody war against illegal drugs and the nonstop killings of drug suspects who are mostly poor and are small-time users.

She added, “I wish for the deliverance of this country from killings, lies, deceptions and manipulations.”

In an Inquirer article about De Lima’s New Year message, she had also included a wish for “enlightenment for his [Duterte] supporters, and the realization that the way forward for this country is not more hate and bloodshed, but love and understanding for our neighbors.” De Lima also wished that the people would “turn away from the evil of fear and hatred, and going back to the God of love and charity.”


However, there was no mention of De Lima’s ill-wishes against Duterte and a simple Google search also did not turn out any reliable proof quoting De Lima’s message wishing karma on Duterte, which allegedly “caused fear and panic” for the police.

This was not the first time that released a fake article. We had recently busted one of the hoaxes they posted about Vice President Leni Robredo getting an abortion, which she had quickly dismissed and clarified by her spokesperson. Moreover, the source of the article,, was also known for sharing numerous fake articles as well.

When we checked the source, they cited it to be the fake news site

De Lima Chased by Police

We’ve busted several fake articles from, such as De Lima’s sister being arrested in China for carrying drugs and getting sentenced to death, new Thai King calling Duterte “my father,” and former President Fidel Ramos hiding P250 million drug money in his house.

It seems that despite it being a new year, some people are yet to learn a lesson or two on releasing fake articles and disseminating these false facts to others.

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