Busted: Netizen slams Uson for asking DDS if they also want nationwide Martial Law to stop drugs, criminality

Hours after defending her use of the Honduran soldiers’ photo while asking for prayers for the Philippine Army, Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson claimed that the Filipino masses wanted martial law for the entire country. However, a netizen noticed what he considered as a wrong assumption in Uson’s post.
Facebook user “Pinoy Ako Blog” (PAB) chastised Uson for what he called as a “fake defense” of her use of the wrong photo, which she said was her way of using “symbolism.” In fact, her defense caused #symbolism to trend on social media, producing memes imitating Uson’s interpretation of symbolism.

PAB posted on May 30, at 9:24 pm, addressing Uson, saying, “Saan sa saligang batas nyo nabasa na pwedeng gawing dahilan ang droga sa pagdeclare ng Martial Law? Iwasan masanay sa fake news, nakakabobo.”

In his blog, PAB said that he could not accept Uson’s “symbolism” excuse, considering her government position that now comes with access to government resources.
“You have the full access of the government resources. Bakit Kailangan gumamit ng picture ng mga pulis sa Honduras? Hindi ka na isang blogger, na limited lang ang resources, para mo na ring sinabi na hindi nagdadasal mga sundalo natin kasi wala kang totoong picture. Kung hindi yun nabisto, patuloy mong lolokohin ang taong bayan!” PAB wrote.

He called Uson’s excuse “palusot.”

PAB also pointed Uson’s post and took a screenshot of what he considered as her erroneous post.

“At eto pa, may bago ka namang katangahan, super encourage ka na mag nationwide ang declaration ng Martial Law, para mapuksa ang krimen at droga,” he wrote.

Scanning Uson’s Facebook page, we found the relevant post, dated May 30, 5:09pm. However, it no longer contains the same wordings as the one in PAB’s screenshot.

We had to check the post’s Edit History first to see if it was the same post that PAB was referring to.

It turned out that Uson edited her first post on the same day at 11:08pm, almost an hour and a half after PAB posted his blog on his Facebook page about Uson’s wrong assumption that Martial Law can be used proclaimed nationwide to stop drugs and criminality.

See? She changed the wordings in the last sentence of her post.

Original post on May 30, 5:09pm: “Kayo po mga kaDDS nais mo bang magka Martial Law sa buong Pilipinas upang maayos na ang problema sa droga at kriminalidad?”

Edited post on May 30, 11:08pm: “Kayo po mga kaDDS nais mo bang magka Martial Law sa buong Pilipinas upang maayos na ang kaguluhan sa Pilipinas.”

PAB does have a point. Section 18 of Article VII of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states that the President can only declare martial law “in case of invasion or rebellion, when public safety requires it.”

At least Uson may have also seen something wrong with her question to her fellow DDS because she edited her post.

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