15 more fake news and satire sites to watch out for

Ever thought 2017 is going to have fewer fake stories? Unfortunately, they are not stopping and they continue to deceive people online, especially on social media. From totally made-up stories to misleading titles, these hoaxes are disseminating misinformation, with people forming opinions based on them.

We already compiled a list of fake news sites and satirical blogs before, which you can find here. Now, we’ll come up with another list on news sites that have published or re-published several fake articles, some of which we’ve already busted.


Fake news sites


Based on its About Us page, covers “breaking news and rumours” involving a wide range of topics. It does not claim that it is a satirical blog, but it publishes a lot of hoaxes, making it a fake news site. It is an obvious poor copy of CNN (Cable News Network,, but it spelled out its website name as Charles Nehemia Network.

Fake News and Satire Sites

Among the hoaxes published on are President Rodrigo Duterte being named as “World Anti-Terrorism Ambassador,” Duterte rejecting Henry Sy’s private jet gift, Duterte being the first world leader that US President Donald Trump called after his victory, Trump inviting Duterte to his inauguration, Queen Elizabeth II organizing a banquet for Duterte, American couple naming their triplets after Duterte.

The website even carried the fake story about Duterte being the first man on the moon! That’s too ridiculous of a story! Well, even the hoax about how President Duterte was named as the “best president in the solar system” went viral last year despite how ridiculous it sounded.

Fake News and Satire Sites
Fake News and Satire Sites

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