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Busted: Did Queen Elizabeth say Trump should follow Duterte’s footsteps, emulate him? It’s fake news!

Fake news makers have once again used Queen Elizabeth II’s name in their made-up stories. This time, they had the British monarch saying that US President Donald Trump should emulate Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
The story, published on October 30 by, was picked up by the blog the very next day, which shared the post to its Facebook page.

Queen Elizabeth II was said to have congratulated Duterte for his drug war. When she spoke about the Catalonia political crisis, she also urged the other leaders to follow Duterte’s moves, considering how other people who need to hone their leadership skills also come to the President for help.

There were several direct quotes attributed to her, too:

“The world did not recognize Catalonia independence just because they lacked wisdom. World leaders must emulate Philippines President Mr. Duterte, even Trump should follow his footsteps. A down to earth and wisdom gifted man. People may think I’m campaigning for him but trust me some world leaders would want to be like him. They should borrow a leaf.”

“I have not seen any other intelligent President other than Duterte, world leaders should go for political advice in Manila. I’m saying all these because am a mother to all. I love Trump, Putin, and I hate no one. I’m just concerned.”

“EU should stop meddling in the Philippines. Filipinos’ aren’t slaves of the white. They deserve their rights too.”

However, these statements are simply fake! You can verify them yourself with a quick Google search. Don’t be surprised if you won’t find these statements credited to the Queen by credible news sites.
Moreover, the source itself is obviously a fake news site, one that is trying to poorly imitate The Telegraph, the British daily broadsheet newspaper. The real newspaper’s site is actually

The website URL was even modeled after the typical fake news site’s URL addresses with its “”

While Bayaning Pilipinas’ post did not get that much attention from the netizens, a certain Joe Chan Dimaculangan quoted the alleged statements of the Queen suggesting Trump should follow in Duterte’s footsteps. And his Facebook post on November 3 on have already gotten over 1,000 shares and 1,200 reactions.

Sadly, despite how fake the story is, so many netizens believed it.

But some did question the veracity of the claim and even looked for the source of the story in fear that it might be fake news.

We’d like to provide the screenshots of the source of the fake story. Here:

Unlike what the story claimed, Queen Elizabeth II did not encourage Trump to follow Duterte’s footsteps and emulate the latter. It is actually the fake news site that is trying to do the imitating as it attempts to come across as a UK-based legit newspaper.

We also busted previous fake stories about the Queen, including those about her tagging Duterte as the country’s “last card,” asking for support for PH, calling Trump and Duterte as blessings to the world, describing Duterte as a “brave man,” and more.

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