Busted: Queen Elizabeth said PH ‘needs support not condemnation’? No, she didn’t!

Queen Elizabeth II has yet been forcefully linked to the Philippine government as an online article claimed that she supports President Rodrigo Duterte amidst the criticisms against him, the latest of which were from the European Union.
The said story was promptly and proudly shared by the admins of the Marcos fan page “Bring back the glory of our nation. Ferdinand Marcos JR for President,” with their post even gaining over 1,000 shares.

Queen Elizabeth

Shared by a Facebook user to a Duterte support group “Federal for Better Philippines,” some of the President’s supporters believed it, too.

Queen Elizabeth
Although published by blogs like and, the story actually originated from the fake news site It claimed that the British monarch finally broke her silence regarding the events in the Philippines and even encouraged the international community to help instead of condemn Duterte. The Queen’s statement, said to have been released by the Buckingham Palace spokesman, noted how countries deal with different challenges and how “true frinds” should help instead of “cursing or giving unnecessary conditions to the friend in need,” as it was written on the website.

However, all these claims are untrue. They are completely fictional, given how Queen Elizabeth has not issued any statement regarding the Philippines. She has been noted to usually keep her political views neutral as well.

This is not the first time the Queen has been featured by fake news sites. In fact, we have debunked many of these fake stories about her online, including hoaxes about her wanting to meet Duterte, congratulating the PH senate for removing Senator Leila De Lima from her Senate chairmanship, erecting a statue for Duterte, calling Duterte a brave man, and more.

If you happen to read anything from, make sure to verify it first before sharing it on social media. That is, if you don’t want to look gullible and easily swayed by fake stories!

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