Busted: Duterte statue erected in the UK as Queen Elizabeth II’s apology? Satire alert!

Did the United Kingdom erect a statue of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

An obviously avid Duterte supporter shared an article on his Facebook page rejoicing the existence of the statue. As he said: “Long live our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte! Till death, we will firmly stand and fight alongside with you Tatay and together we will become victorious against all evils in our country!!!”

Duterte Statue Erected in UK

According to the article the Duterte supporter shared, Duterte’s brown statue stands at nine meters at the Merrion Street, Dublin, Ireland.

A part of the article said: “The statue, with Mr. Duterte’s hand reaching outward, was intended to show that he had embraced the whole world and he has shown the capability of fighting drugs trafficking, a thorny issue in the whole world, the Queen Elizabeth said.”


There was even a quote from the Queen herself: “We have been fighting Duterte since he started the war against drugs trafficking but now United Kingdom is assured the president can care a lot the humanity.”

The article even added that the queen requested Duterte to visit her palace after his visit to Vietnam.


The article is posted by satirical blog The T1mes. Sorry to burst the bubble of Duterte’s supporter and those who celebrated the news with him in his comments section, but there is no statue of the Philippine president in the UK.

Duterte Statue Erected in UK

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