Busted: ‘Bridge with no River’ a ‘Daang Matuweed’?

Bridge Without River is Slab Bridge

A photo of a national road in Paku, Bontoc in Southern Leyte, uploaded to Facebook by a certain Lito Quesada, has made rounds on social networks last weekend. Mr. Quesada’s post since then was either removed or its privacy settings was changed, but it has been shared by Pro-Duterte pages and caught the attention of some netizens as unlike other national roads, this one was constructed as a “bridge with no river.”

Bridge No River Paku Bontoc Southern Leyte
Bridge No River Paku Bontoc Southern Leyte

Anti-admin then maliciously labeled it as “Daang Matuweed”, insinuating the classic case of PNoy’s brand of “Daang Matuwid”. This, however, is pure LIE as that bridge was constructed in real purpose. Click the button below to reveal the truth!


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