Busted: Protester’s placard says ‘Gutom lang ang inabot ko’? It was edited!


A photo of a young female protester made waves on Facebook as she was showing holding a placard that says, “Gutom lang ang inabot ko #NeverAgain.” It also indicated that she is associated with the protesters from Anakbayan UST.

When Facebook page “Duterte Global Supporters” shared it on September 22, a day after the September 21 rally against dictatorship, it was shared thousands of times. As of writing, it has been shared almost 4,000 times.

The page captioned the photo, “Gutom lang daw inabot nya! kawawa naman Hahaha! Baka kilala nyo ‘to!”

The placard was obviously edited in the photo above and it was confirmed when the Twitter page of AltAsecMargauxUson shared the original beside the fake one.

The girl’s placard originally says, “End Martial Law,” not “Gutom Lang Ang Inabot Ko.”

“Desperate times, desperate measures. This is how they compensate for their langaw-filled rallies,” AltAsecMargauxUson wrote.

Some netizens slammed the obvious way the placard was edited.

“Ang sagwa ng pagka-photoshop. Whoever is paying for this is not getting his money’s worth,” said a Twitter user.

At least they did not resort to using Comic Sans, one remarked.

Aside from fake stories, there have been many cases of fake, edited photos fooling people who do not take the time to verify whatever it is that they see online. Recently, Senator Risa Hontiveros fell victim to this kind of deception. Her photo holding up a sign asking for help for Cagayan was edited to show her asking people to #PrayForMaute, leading gullible netizens to bash her.


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