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Busted: Leni Robredo’s Statement on Sexy Dance Event in Laguna

When Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s insensitive remarks on the 1989 Australian missionary rape victim broke, tagged as “Rape Joke”, several pro-Duterte supporter’s shared memes on Facebook about the lewd photos taken in an event hosted by a member of the Liberal Party in Sta. Cruz, Laguna.


A screencap of the photo was shared by pro-Duterte Facebook pages like Thinking Minds showing Rep. Leni Robredo quoted as saying, “Hindi naman po yan malaswa. Pumayag naman silang sumayaw.”

This is a LIE.

Leni Robredo Statement Sexy Dance

Rep. Leni Robredo never said that. Again, the statement is a LIE. Click the button to reveal the truth!



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  1. I like this kind of site but Ive just realized everything featured here are something to do with LP.. Is this site being hosted by Malacanang?? I never see any Fake and truth for oppositions or other party. This site sucks.. Stupid and biase.. now i know what’s the meaning of “TRUTH” here, its the other way around.

    • Anthony: Most of the busted lies for now are anything disparaging Mar Roxas/Daang Matuwid. That’s because there are so much lies being spread out about them. But NO, this site is in no way connected to Malacanang. While we want to bust as many lies as we could, we’re a limited team who can only cover few. That’s the reason why the site is of membership-type so others can join, submit lies, and bust them. And that means it’s also giving way for lies about other candidates to be busted.

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