Busted: CHR ang dapat masunod at hindi ang kagustuhan ng taumbayan? Robredo did not say this

A Duterte Facebook fan page shared a meme about Vice President Leni Robredo saying this: “Commission of Human Rights dapat ang masunod at hindi ang kagustuhan ng taumbayan.”

Robredo Did Not Say This

As of posting, the meme has received almost 5,000 reactions and has been shared over 1,500 times.

The meme was also picked up by another Duterte fan page.

Robredo Did Not Say This

Based on the comments on the posts, many netizens truly believed that Robredo said that quote.

However, a quick Google search of the exact quote that supposedly came from Robredo did not turn up any other credible source, except for that Duterte fan page that posted the meme.

Robredo Did Not Say This

Robredo’s earlier comments about human rights showed that it is at the core of the Philippine’s soul. She made this statement in agreement with President Rodrigo Duterte’s first SONA, wherein he warned human rights advocates about using human rights “as a shield or an excuse to destroy the country.”

Robredo said she agreed with Duterte, but noted that human rights is at the heart of the country’s 1987 Constitution after years of Martial Law.

“Ako, oo, naniniwala akong hindi dapat siya ginagawang panangga, pero dapat ring alalahanin natin na ang ating Konstitusyon ay kilala sa buong mundo bilang parang bastion talaga ng human rights. Dapat hindi natin ito nakakalimutan sa lahat ng ginagawa natin pagdating sa governance, sa lahat ng drives na ginagawa natin ngayon,” Robredo said.


“Ito ‘yung buod, ito ‘yung core din ng pinakakaluluwa ng ating bansa. Kung naalala natin, magbabalik-tanaw tayo n’ung paggawa ng 1987 Constitution, galing tayo sa isang rehimen na hindi binigyan ng malaking diin ‘yung human rights, kaya malaking ng ating Konstitusyon, parang again and again nire-remind tayo na buod ito n gating kaluluwa bilang isang bansa. Kaya while naniniwala ako na hindi dapat ito ginagawang panangga para gumawa ng masama, naniniwala rin ako sa lahat ng ginagawa natin, hindi natin nakalilimutan kung ano ‘yung kaluluwa ng ating Konstitusyon,” she added.

In the same report, Robredo raised her concerns over the rising cases of vigilantism and violence, adding that she felt Duterte would not condone vigilante style killings. She also emphasized that people should not put the law into their own hands and let the courts be the “final arbiter” about who violated the law.

“Kasi kung tayu-tayo lang ang magdedesisyon, talagang grabe na ‘yung disorder na mangyayari,” Robredo said.

Robredo even reminded government officials to watch what they say, especially if they make public statements, since they represent the Filipinos.

“Kaming mga government officials siyempre ang sinasabi namin hindi lang iyong aming personal, pero the people we represent,” she said.

The meme about Robredo’s alleged quote involving the CHR is a contradiction to how she views the Filipino people. As she said, government officials represent the people, which meant the people have the ultimate power over the officials, not the other way around.

This Robredo meme is clearly made-up. It’s a lie.

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