Busted: ‘Bridge with no River’ a ‘Daang Matuweed’?

Bridge Without River is Slab Bridge

In a Facebook post, Ma. Margarita Junia, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) District Engineer of Southern Leyte says that constructing a bridge on that part of the road saved them million of pesos worth of road repairs.


“The project in this photo is actually a DPWH project implemented by Southern Leyte District Engineering Office (SLDEO) in Brgy. Pacu, Bontoc, Southern Leyte.”

“It has been a common knowledge for the residents in the area and for the usual motorists passing through this area that the numerous reblocking, embankment and slope protection projects implemented in this particular section in the past have been destroyed every time continuous heavy rains occur. And it was later found out that there is actually a fault line, and underground watersource (“tubod”) in that section. For the past years, not only hundred truckloads of embankment materials were placed in the section. All were washed out”, Junia said.

Like overpass and viaducts, bridges are not constructed for rivers only. The road is called “Slab Bridge” and was built to cross a fault line, saving millions of pesos worth of road repair works and protecting lives and properties. One example of viaduct in the Philippines is the Agas-Agas Bridge in Sogod, Southern Leyte, connecting two mountains with no river underneath it. It was seen as a permanent solution to landslides in the area, often resulting to stranding of vehicles.

“We hope that this will clarify the matter. Sana nakatira ka sa area na ito kahit 5 years ago so that [you] will understand the history of the section”, she added.

Ma. Margarita C. Junia, DM - Facebook Post

So there you go.

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