Busted: Queen Elizabeth II requests a meeting with Duterte? This is a SATIRICAL article!

United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II wants to meet with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

 That’s what a headline claimed by a blog that was uploaded on Facebook by fan page “I Love Philippines.”

Quenn Elizabeth Meeting with Duterte

The article from claimed that the queen wanted to talk about human rights problems and security issues with Duterte. It also claimed that the British royal was worried about the killings and the threat of bomb attacks in the Philippines and even expressed the need to protect the Filipinos.


The meeting, as per the supposed press release from the Buckingham Palace, is set to take place during the queen’s five-day state visit to the Philippines with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, starting on October 3.

But a quick look at the “About Us” page of the blog would tell you that the article should not be taken seriously. It is a satirical blog, after all!

Quenn Elizabeth Meeting with Duterte

As what the disclaimer said, the blog should not be confused with the UK news site “The Telegraph.”

Sadly, the satirical news was taken by some Filipino netizens seriously.

Quenn Elizabeth Meeting with Duterte

This is not the first time Filipinos have taken satirical articles as real articles. Here are the possible reasons why Filipinos can’t seem to recognize satire when they read one.

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