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Busted: Photos of alleged de Lima scandal fake!



Senator Leila de Lima is the current target of President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign to name and shame government officials who are allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade. On top of that, he also called de Lima an “immoral woman” for having an affair with her married driver.

With the revelation came the revival of talks about de Lima’s alleged s3x video on social media and photos of what some netizens claimed to be de Lima and her driver circulated online.

However, Facebook page “P.Rody Dudirty” posted a photo proving that it was not de Lima in the stills of what was alleged to be her s3x Lima Scandal

The photo came with a caption that said, “Screengrab of the porn video was taken from the original post by @miyakoizabel’s FB page. Note: Duterte fanatics were successful in requesting Facebook to remove her post. Nabuking nga naman ang isa sa mga kasinungalingan ng mga kups.”

We visited Miyako Izabel’s Facebook page and found a post on August 18 about the scandal.

She posted, “Sa Mga Uto-utong Pilipino.”

“Itong kinakalat ninyong larawan sa social media at ginagamit para sirain ang puri ni Senadora Leila de Lima ay mula sa isang porn site. Hindi po siya yan. Inuuto lang kayo at ginagago. Ginagawang mga tanga at bobo,” she Lima Scandal

Izabel, in a separate post, also issued a challenge to those who uploaded the photos online.

“Ipakita niyo ang video na may boses. Hindi kasi puwedeng i-photoshop ang video at sound. Gawin niyo yan. Huwag iyong dark at blurry na larawan,” she said.

She even mocked the photo editing skills of the culprits. “Isa pa, kung mag-morph kayo ng image, husayan niyo naman? Huwag ‘yong pang C lang sa image editing class.”

On August 19, she posted how some of her posts proving that de Lima’s scandal was fake was deleted from Facebook.


Izabel wrote, “Ang Galing-galing Nila.”

“Napa-delete nila sa Facebook ang lahat ng mga makatotohanang post ko tungkol sa pambabalahura nila kay Senadora Leila de Lima gamit ang mga imahe ng iba na hinango mula sa mga porn website at ang kanilang pang-uuto sa mga Pilipino. Hindi po ako nasasaktan. Nagtataka lang ako. Pangit at masakit ba ang katotohanan? Bakit pilit itong binubura o tinatakpan?” she added.

Another Facebook post defending de Lima from the allegations of being featured in a s3x video also surfaced, showing the clearer photo of the real girl in the original video, with the caption, “Can’t believe the President went this low.”de Lima Scandal

De Lima not convinced taped scandal exists

De Lima expressed contempt over how her alleged s3x video surfaces whenever she is involved in high-profile investigations.

GMA News Online quoted her saying, “Masakit din yung mga tungkol sa mga personal na buhay na kinokontsa ka bilang babae, at tignan n’yo rine-revive na naman ang so-called alleged s3x video na yan.”

The presence of the de Lima scandal was first raised by whistleblower Sandra Cam in 2014 before the Commission on Appointments.

De Lima then said that the scandal was a fake.

“I noticed, every time I’m in the middle of something, a high-profile investigation, high-profile case, na ako ang nasa sentro, nilalabas nila ang so-called alleged s3x video na yan. Magpapa-text blast sila,” she said.

The senator added that she doubts the video exists.

“Nakita n’yo na ho ba yung s3x video na yan? Meron bang s3x video? Sabi ng aking staff ang nakita nila is parang still, still photo of what is being made to appear as a video. Sabi ng staff ko if I may share, in-examine daw nila nang husto yung picture na yan, halata naman daw na hindi ako yung babae dun,” de Lima said.

On questions about Cam, de Lima said, “Ang attitude ko sa kanya ay hindi ko siya pinapansin.”

After Duterte’s accusation of de Lima being “immoral,” the senator said that the President abused and misused his executive power of immunity. Netizens also came to her defense, pointing out Duterte’s own “immoral” womanizing issues.

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Busted: Nostradamus predicted Duterte’s victory? Even Mocha Uson shared this story in 2016



Stories about how the French seer Nostradamus, or Michel de Nostredame, allegedly predicted President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency in the Philippines have resurfaced, but are Nostradamus predictions really true?

Facebook pages such as “Duterte News Everywhere,” “Duterte News Portal” and “Duterte” were among those pages that re-shared the stories on January 12 and 13.

They shared stories published by blogs such as,, and

We checked the other contents on these blogs and these are the things that we discovered from each blog:


  1. With, we found it sharing the fake story about Miss Universe 2017 Demi-leigh Nel-Peters saying she dreamt of working with Duterte; how the CHR will help the suspect in the killing of an OFW’s wife and daughter; Senator Risa Hontiveros wanting to help female driver Cherish Interior against bashers and her insulting Bacolod, among others.

  1. The blog philrepublicnews,com has published several fake, dubious stories on its site, including the made-up story about Hontiveros helping Cherish Interior to file cyberbullying charges against her bashers; how the results of the VP poll recount has been released by the Comelec; and the conspiracy theory about how it was not actually the late Senator Ninoy Aquino who was shot at the tarmac when his plane landed in Manila.

  1. seems to be a relatively new site, with some stories having misleading headlines. For instance, there was an article with a headline claiming that South Korea “will be” the Philippines’ third telecommunications company when there is no certainty yet that a South Korean firm will take the slot.

If these blog did not bother verifying the veracity of some of its articles’ claims, it might have done the same thing when it published the story about Nostradamus’ alleged predictions about Duterte and the Philippines, too.

This is what one of the blogs claimed Nostradamus said about Duterte and the Philippines, complete with their interpretation of what the seer allegedly said.

However, we also found that the same blog,, has this disclaimer that says, “This website cannot guarantee the legitimacy of some of the information contributed to us. You may do additional research if you find some information doubtful. Thank you for being considerate.”

It meant that even the blog that is spreading the story about Nostradamus predicting that Duterte would become the Philippines’ next leader is not 100% guaranteed legitimate or accurate.

This prediction story first went viral in 2016.

Even Duterte supporter and now Communications Asec. Mocha Uson shared the prediction in 2016.

“Nakakatakot naman ito, matagal na palang napredict ng isang magaling na propeta na is Nostradamus ang mangyayari sa Pilipinas at kasama si Duterte sa mga prediksyong ito!” she wrote in her Facebook post on May 15, 2016.

But if you click on the link to the story by, the page no longer exists.

MemeBuster previously debunked a story about this Nostradamus prediction and how Duterte was allegedly called a “messiah” but the story came from the satirical site

And it seemed like many of Nostradamus’ alleged predictions have been misinterpreted and forcefully linked to some significant happenings in the world, including the 9/11 attack, Hitler’s leadership, Louis Pasteur and his discovery, and more. But the seer’s predictions and their alleged links to said events have been debunked by Listverse.

Fact-checking site Snopes also debunked a few of the predictions that were attributed to Nostradamus, including those about 9/11, former US President Barack Obama, former George W. Bush’s election, and more.

This is what Snopes has to say about Nostradamus’ quatrains and how they allegedly predicted various events in the world:

“The French physician and astrologer Nostradamus (1503-1566) penned numerous quatrains populated by obscure imagery that the credulous have ever after attempted to fit to the events of their times. These predictions can often ring somewhat true because the images employed are so general they can be found in almost every event of import, but by the same token the prophecies are never dead-on fits because the wordings are far too general. Not that this stops anyone from believing in them; our society’s need for mysticism runs far too deep to ever allow for that.”

After having debunked several of Nostradamus’ alleged predictions, what Snopes is trying to say is that many of the French astrologer’s rhymes were forcefully interpreted and translated to seemingly fit the major happenings in the world, ending in what is essentially a fabrication, a fake prediction.


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Busted: Duterte wants to ban public cursing? Not true at all!



President Rodrgio Duterte allegedly wanted to ban yet another thing – public cursing. But wouldn’t he be among the first violators of his own policy since he himself loves to curse during his impromptu speeches?

Well, there won’t be any violation if he does not want to implement such a policy in the first place. Stories about him wanting to ban public cursing came from a fake news site, which even categorized this particular story as “Satire and Humor.”

Duterte allegedly cursed the parents of children who are prolific in cursing, with a statement attributed to him: “Putang ina kala mo kung makapagmura alam nila ang ginagawa nila. Yong mga iresponsableng magulang ang dapat sisihin dito pero kailagan ding disiplinahin ang mga bata. Ipagbabawal ko yuan, yong pag mumura… pag nahuli kulong agad.. walang minor minor sa akin, putang inang human rights yan.”

The story further claimed that President Duterte also praised his controversial granddaughter Isabelle Duterte for being better than him when it comes to using expletives.

A screenshot of Isabelle calling people who believed that she is still 15 years old as “dumbf*cks” went viral in December 2017.

Just like how the story tagged the story as “satire,” it is indeed a made-up story. The only thing that is somewhat true in all of its claims is the fact that Duterte promised a few times before that he would stop cursing in public and stop directing those curses at other people.


Duterte obviously failed to deliver what he promised, given how some of his speeches are still worth censoring because of some curses in between. He once cursed Pope Francis for being the cause of traffic that left him stranded for hours in the capital and directed some curses at former US President Barack Obama over human rights issues. He also cursed New York Times over criticisms of his drug war, UN special rapporteur on summary executions Agnes Callamard, and actor Gabby Concepcion, albeit by mistake, when he meant to curse ABS-CBN Chairman Gabby Lopez.

Some Facebook pages, as usual, did not bother checking the source of the story or verifying its claims.

“CTPG Philippines,” “Trending To,” and “Pinoy Observer,” among other pages, still shared the story despite its dubious source.

The story was picked up by the blog newstv.5com, which seems to be trying to mimic TV’s news site, and which has published other fake stories before, such as activist Renato Reyes’ son crashing a sports car, Senator Bam Aquino blaming “Ang Probinsyano” for former Senator Lito Lapid’s inclusion in a survey’s ‘Magic 12’ list,  and Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano scolding an elderly woman for posting about his niece’s lost wallet.

It also turned out that’s story on Duterte’s alleged ban on public cursing came from the fake news site, which has published a lot of fake stories on its site.

During the presidential campaign, Duterte once made a deal with Davao Archbishop and now CBCP President Romulo Valles to pay P1,000 for every curse word he makes in public and the funds would go to Caritas Davao.

Sources: ( )


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Busted: Several Facebook fan pages keep on sharing fake stories about Marcos winning as VP



Despite how many fake stories we have debunked about how former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has been proclaimed as the real vice president of the Philippines, several Facebook fan pages still keep on sharing such stories.

Earlier this week, Marcos said that he won’t run for senator in 2019 because he already won as vice president.

But Marcos made that remark even before the vote recount in connection with his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is set to start this February, as decided by the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

In September last year, we busted a fake story came out about how the Supreme Court allegedly favored Marcos in his electoral protest, but as what has been mentioned earlier, the VP vote recount won’t start until February this year.

In October 2017, we debunked yet another fake story claiming that Robredo said she will continue to fulfill her vice presidential duties until Marcos takes over.


Then in November last year, we busted the stories with headlines claiming that Marcos will finally become VP in 2018. Netizens also hit the tarpaulin in an event during the same month which described Marcos as “Vice President of the Philippines (To Be).”

And just a few days ago, these fake stories about Marcos as VP have been re-shared by many Duterte and Marcos fan pages on Facebook.

On January 11, Facebook page “Pres. Duterte Online Warriors” shared the story with the headline “Sa Wakas! Uupo Na Si Vice President Bongbong Marcos Ngayon 2018! Panoorin” and the post got shared over 1,200 times.

The other fan pages that shared these fake stories about Marcos’ alleged win as VP include “Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos,” “Duterte NewsBreak,” “Politics News,” and “Sunda Si Digong,” among other pages.

But no matter how fan pages keep on sharing these fake stories about Marcos being proclaimed as the vice president this year, it won’t change the fact that the vote recount is yet to start next month.

Sources: ( )


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