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Busted: Robredo said she’ll do her duty as VP until Marcos takes over? It’s fake news!

The electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo filed by her rival, former Senator Bongbong Marcos, is still being tackled by the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), but fake stories have surfaced regarding the alleged results of the protest. One of the most recent one had Robredo allegedly saying that she will continue to fulfill her duties as a vice president until Marcos takes over.
The fake news site published another article about Robredo with the title, “Robredo: I Will Do My Duty As VP Until Marcos Takes Over.” The story led netizens to bash Robredo some more.

The story was also shared by some individual Facebook users to pro-Marcos groups “The Most Awaiting BBM Vice President Of Our Nation – BBM LOYALIST GROUP” and “BBM KaBeRkS Online Warriors.”

Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo

However, Pinoy Observer’s website is already inaccessible, causing the link to the story to redirect readers to an entirely different story on

Still, we found a Facebook user who seemed to have reposted the original fake story that Pinoy Observer published.

The story quoted these statements allegedly from Robredo:

“The Filipino people put me where I am today. It is my mandate to serve them with honor and honesty.”

“We are dealing with a very powerful family here. They can do everything in their favor. We have to be vigilant.”

Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo

And the netizens were outraged over these alleged statements from the Vice President, as what could be seen from the comments section of the Facebook posts carrying the fake story.

Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo

However, we could not find these statements from Robredo quoted in more credible sources. Considering the nature of Pinoy Observer to make up stories, these statements are likely fake, too.
It is also highly unlikely for Robredo’s camp to say that she is merely waiting for Marcos to take over, given how she filed her counter-protest to dismiss the electoral protest filed by Marcos. Her arguments included how the SC has no jurisdiction over executing the Certificates of Canvas (COC), something that the Congress should have tackled as it serves as the National Board of Canvassers and how the former senator’s complaint was lacking in both form and substance because of its failure to pinpoint the “acts or omissions complained of showing the electoral frauds, anomalies, and irregularities.”

Robredo’s counter-protest was denied, but it made the point to show just how her camp wanted the electoral protest from Marcos to be junked, which was far from the story’s claims above about her being so open to the idea of Marcos taking over her position.

There has been several fake stories about Marcos, Robredo and the electoral protest that we have busted. Recently, we debunked the story about how Marcos allegedly won in the three provinces he identified as problem areas during the election and how he already won even before the election returns were yet to arrive. There was also another story about how the Supreme Court said the 2022 presidential elections would not happen unless the vice presidential electoral protest  is resolved.

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