Busted: Pasay cops arrested for extortion, rape under Duterte? Nope, this was in 2013!

A Facebook user proudly posted on Facebook what he considered as another achievement under the new administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. He posted a blog with a headline claiming that two Pasay cops were relieved of their posts for rape and extortion. The Facebook user even cheered Duterte on when he said, “Kaya Pres. Duterte just do your job at wag mag pa apekto sa mga taong naninira at tumutuligsa ng kaliwat kanan..”

Pasay Cops Arrested

Looking at the comments, one netizen said that the cops might have forgotten that Duterte’s the new president and another commended this move. There were also those who called for hanging as punishment for the cops, especially when rape was committed.

Comments on Pasay Cops Arrested Duterte

Some of those who shared the Facebook post in question were pretty sure that this all happened during Duterte’s administration, claiming proudly that #changeishere.

Pasay Cops Arrested Duterte

However, a few of those who commented on the post pointed out that the news covered by the blog post was in 2013, which was still under former President Benigno Aquino III’s administration, not Duterte’s.

Upon clicking on the blog that was shared by the Facebook user, this video was included.


It was easy to check that the arrest of the Pasay cops indeed happened in 2013. The news clip from GMA News and Public Affairs was uploaded to YouTube on January 28, 2013, as seen here.

Pasay Cops Arrested

This seems like another case of credit-grabbing to benefit Duterte. Good thing that not all of those who saw the post accepted it as the Facebook user captioned it.

In the midst of a lot of misinformation and misleading headlines and captions, it is important to pay attention to details and verify the information we find online. This is how some netizens noticed that this report about the Pasay cops happened in 2013 and how their arrest should not be entirely attributed to Duterte’s campaign against crime because it happened during Aquino’s presidency.


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