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Busted: Did Pacquiao say ‘eat my longgadog’? No, he didn’t!

Netizens slammed Senator Manny Pacquiao for allegedly saying “eat my longgadog” to an American host during an Instagram Live video, but the lawmaker did not make that remark.
Scouring Facebook for relevant posts, we found that it was posted by the Facebook page “Letse Ka” on October 1 at 3:51 pm.

It was also posted by Facebook group “Injustigram.”

On Twitter, Pacquiao was also roasted by Twitter users for his alleged “longgadog” remark.

However, Pacquiao never said “eat my longgadog.” The photo showing the said remark was edited.

What the boxing champ turned senator actually said in the photo was a simple “hello” to Barstool Sports’ “Chicks in the Office’s” host Maria Ciufoo during her Instagram Live chat.

Here’s the original photo, as uploaded by the Instagram page of “chicksintheoffice:”


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