Roxas’ brainchild Oplan Lambat Sibat is effective, said incoming PNP Chief Bato’ dela Rosa  

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s choice as incoming PNP Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa said that he will continue to implement Oplan Lambat Sibat, a brainchild of former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and the same operation discredited by Duterte’s camp during the election. Dela Rosa said he will follow the operation as he will also implement Oplan Tukhang, which he used during his time as Davao City’s Chief of Police.

During the campaign period, one of the hotly debated topics was crime and drug abuse prevention, especially since now-President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s most popular campaign promise was to eradicate, and later, suppress crime, drugs and corruption in 3 to 6 months.

When then-presidential candidate Roxas criticized Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs in Davao City, Duterte lashed out and branded Roxas a “failed politician.”


“He can never do it. Give him 20 years and he still won’t be able to hack it,” Duterte said of Roxas.

Peter Laviña, Duterte’s campaign spokesman, also added, “What has he done as secretary of DILG and as chairman of the National Police Commission to fight drug abuse?”

According to the Philippine National Police, Oplan: Lambat Sibat has helped reduce the crime rate in Metro Manila by 60% since it was implemented in June 2014. According to the PNP, the campaign has reduced the cases in the country’s capital from 900 cases per week to 300 cases a week, as reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on August 24, 2015.

In the same Inquirer report, the PNP announced the success of the campaign in arresting 146 of the 440 listed as the most-wanted drug suspects by the National Capital Region Police Office  in just six weeks, from early July to early August in 2015.

Even the Southern Mindanao police started implementing Oplan: Lambat Sibat in the latter part of 2015, seeing how effective it was in Metro Manila and neighboring areas.

According to the Southern Mindanao’s regional police director Chief Superintendent Wendy Rosario, this anti-crime campaign is designed to identify crime patterns and hotspots through regular auditing of crime incident reports at the police station. He said the campaign requires intensified police intervention such as setting up checkpoints, deployment of mobile and foot patrols, and intelligence-driven operations against criminal groups and most wanted persons.

You can also listen to Roxas talk about it here:

These graphics might also help:

[50_50_first]Oplan Lambat Sibat [/50_50_first][50_50_second]Oplan Lambat Sibat [/50_50_second]

Oplan Lambat Sibat [/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Oplan Lambat Sibat

Oplan Lambat Sibat [/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Oplan Lambat Sibat

Given Oplan: Lambat Sibat’s results in Metro Manila and the faith of the police force in other regions in the country in how the anti-crime campaign works, it’s no wonder dela Rosa also deemed it effective.

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