Host said Pacquiao’s ‘You can call me anytime’ chat was for an interview

Aside from Rodriguez, Pacquiao also joined the live chat of “Chicks in the Office” co-host Maria Ciuffo on Instagram Live on September 22.

Ciuffo posted screenshots of Pacquiao’s messages in her live chat on Twitter, under her username @BarstoolRia.

Pacquiao was seen saying “Hello.”

On Instagram, “Chicks in the Office” also posted a screenshot of the boxer turned politician saying, “You can call me anytime.”

@mannypacquiao popped into Ria’s Instagram live to say “hello”

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Ciufoo is one of the two hosts of Barstool Sports’ “Chicks in the Office.”

Defending his “you can call me anytime” chat, Pacquiao said that it was his response to Ciuffo who invited him for a live interview in their radio station based in New York. He added that he told the host that he was currently in the Philippines and could not visit New York just yet. That was when he told the host to call him anytime.

“Yes ako ‘yon, kasi gusto nila akong interviewhin. Ininvite nila ako doon sa New York…sa radio station nila and then sabi ko, I’m in the Philippines, I cannot come but sabi ko ‘you can call me anytime’.”

In GMA News Online’s report, Ciuffo said that she did ask Pacquaio for an interview.

“When manny pacquiao came onto my live he asked where I was from. Barstool Sports has a show on Sirius Xm radio station rush 93 so I asked him if he would be willing to go on the show for an interview when he was in my Instagram live,” Ciuffo told GMA News Online via Twitter message.

“It was unclear what he said after that because the comments were coming in fast and I ended the live stream. I’m not sure when he said “you can call me anytime” because that screenshot was sent to me,” she added.

Ciuffo said that Pacquiao’s chat was “harmless.”

“I didn’t think it was anything weird. I just thought it was funny,” Ciuffo said. ““It was harmless.”

Pacquiao was also caught commenting on the Instagram Live chat of 22-year-old model Arzaylea Rodriguez. He said that it was his “hobby” to check in on Instagram live videos.

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