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Busted: Trump said a condom would have saved PH from embarrassment due to Robredo? Hoax alert!

The Philippine elections have been riddled with a lot of fake stories, considering the influence of social media these days. And the proliferation of fake news in the country has continued!

This time around, an article claimed that US President Donald Trump allegedly said that it would have only taken one condom to save the Filipinos from the embarrassment that is Vice President Leni Robredo.
While Trump has made several outrageous claims in the past, even getting involved in a scandal where he was recorded having a lewd conversation about women, he had never said what the story claimed he said about the birth control method and Robredo.

And true enough, we found out that the story came from the fake news site

Unfortunately, people still believe what they want to believe and even spread it, regardless of the dubious source of the story.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Just look at how it still gained 158 shares when it was shared by what could likely be a fake Facebook profile to the Duterte fan page “Rody “Digong” Duterte Solid Group.”

Donald Trump
In’s story, Trump allegedly blamed Robredo and her political party, the Liberal Party, as the source of the problem in the Philippines and the damage they might inflict on the function of the government.

He was quoted saying this:

Philippines Vice President, the one Leni Robredo is an embarrassment to the people of Philippines. One condom would have saved Filipinos from this embarrassment. Members of Liberal Party in Philippines are the genesis of the problem Philippines is facing, they should be tamed before everything is disrupted.”

Google this quote all you want, but you will only find this quote on It was an invented quote, something the fake news site made up to fuel more ridicule against Robredo.

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