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Busted: Trump told NY Times PH matters are none of their business? It’s fake news!

It seems like many news sites are trying to establish a solid friendship between President Rodrigo Duterte and US President Donald Trump by making up fake stories. This time, fake news site is claiming that Trump has told off New York Times that Philippine matters are not their business.
Trump told NY Times PH matters are none of their business

The hoax came out after the NY Times published an editorial about Duterte, “Accountability for Duterte,” on March 24. The editorial piece urged the international community to keep the Philippine president’s activities in check. Then, claimed that Trump hit back at the American daily, allegedly telling them to stick to the US instead of meddling with other countries’ affairs to avoid straining the US-PH relationship.

In its editorial piece, NY Times has written:

A more consequential action could be one threatened by the European Union. Outraged by Mr. Duterte’s behavior, as well as his government’s possible reinstatement of the death penalty and lowering the age for criminal prosecution to 9, the E.U. has proposed hitting his government where it may hurt the most — by imposing tariffs on Philippine goods. Other democratic trading partners should do the same. Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Council should initiate a thorough, independent investigation into the killings under Mr. Duterte’s watch.”
Despite how many times has come out with hoaxes, the admins of various Duterte fan pages never seemed to learn to avoid such fake news sites.

In fact, Facebook page “Rodrigo Duterte Support Page by Dr Eli Alegado FRCPC, FACP” shared the fake news’ link and even thanked Trump for standing up for Duterte and slamming the NY Times that they labeled as the “source of FAKE NEWS in United States.” Wow!

Given the favorable angle in the story about how Trump defended Duterte, the President’s supporters were quick to share what they likely consider as “good news,” with the post reaching 1,500 shares and 3,000 reactions.

Trump told NY Times PH matters are none of their business

Trump and Duterte may have talked over the phone earlier, with Duterte claiming that the US President told him that he was tackling the Philippines’ drug problem “the right way,” but Trump has not interfered with the Philippines’ media crisis before. He has own crisis to deal with for him to pay attention to what’s happening between the Philippines and NY Times.

Those who might be in doubt about just how much of a hoax-maker is, we’d like to remind you that this is the same website that made up stories such as De Lima claiming to be asthmatic to avoid detention, De Lima saying Filipinos should be grateful to her, US imposing a travel ban on VP Leni Robredo, and more.

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