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Busted: Queen Elizabeth II said Duterte was PH’s ‘last card’? It’s not true!

Queen Elizabeth II is a certified favorite among hoax writers. Now, fake news sites wanted to make it seem like she is praising President Rodrigo Duterte, calling him the Philippine’s “last card.”
It doesn’t seem to matter that a lot of fake news linking the British monarch to Duterte have been busted. The President’s supporters, based on their eagerness to share the news and positive comments about it, still bought the lie.




The story actually came from the fake news site, despite how it was disguised using different website names on Facebook.



Queen Elizabeth II allegedly sent this birthday message to Duterte as he turned 72 on March 28.

“As you celebrate your birthday, we here in Britain wish you a wisdom-filled long life.”

“No one play with last cards. Filipinos did very good job in using their last card at a time when it was needed most.”

It added that the Queen even gave hints to her future plans to visit the Philippines this year.

The supporters totally believed in the hoax! Just look at these comments.

One interpreted the Queen’s greeting for Duterte as her saying the President’s critics should just shut up.

Others thanked the Queen for defending and appreciating Duterte.

Another netizen said that it’s an “honor” to get such a greeting from Queen Elizabeth II herself.

One remarked that the Queen is probably monitoring what Duterte is doing in the Philippines.

Of course, the “Yellows” were not forgotten among the comments as a netizen said that the “Yellow’s trolls” would not acknowledge the story, insisting on their “mindcrab” (probably referring to ‘crab mentality’?).

This story from is obviously fake. Queen Elizabeth II did not greet Duterte on his birthday or give him such a message.

This hoax is not the first one that has become viral from They also made up a story about a Cebu parish priest impregnating two girls, which we have busted. The fake news site also has other hoaxes published on its website.




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