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Busted: Aside from De Lima, US intel also showed Loida Lewis involved in drugs? Hoax alert!

Earlier, Senator JV Ejercito revealed that President Rodrigo Duterte told senators over dinner that foreign intelligence sources provided evidence over Senator Leila De Lima’s involvement with drugs.

Duterte dined with the new Senate majority block at the Malacañang Park grounds on March 14.
“He only said the evidence against her (de Lima) was international intelligence-supplied. It’s not only the locals who supplied the intelligence report against de Lima,” Ejercito told the media on March 15.
De Lima, reacting to the news, said in a handwritten note, “Foreign intel?? It might as well be an intel from the planet Mars or Jupiter.”

“I highly doubt whether there’s such a US intel. If there is, there must be a spurious one, or based from a highly dubious or polluted source or sources,” she wrote.

However, some online articles claimed that aside from De Lima, known Roxas-Robredo supporter and Fil-Am civic leader Loida Nicolas Lewis, is also involved in the illegal drug trade, as per US intel reports.

The said report, shared by Duterte fan page “Rodrigo Duterte Thumbs-Up Fever 2016” and a certain Facebook user “Scot North,” gained 1,500 combined shares.

Loida Lewis involved in drugs
Loida Lewis involved in drugs

However, the source of the story alone is dubious, it being the fake news site

Loida Lewis involved in drugs

The intel reports allegedly showed how De Lima collaborated with Lewis to make huge transactions in and out of the US while the former served as the Philippines’ Justice Secretary.

Based on Senator Ejercito’s earlier revelation about what they talked about with Duterte during the dinner, Lewis’ name was not included in the foreign intel reports. The story was likely written to further fuel the anger of many netizens and Duterte supporters against De Lima and Lewis.

Moreover, Aljazeera-channel has had published hoax reports before that this story linking Lewis to the drug trade is yet another hoax.

Loida Lewis involved in drugs
Loida Lewis involved in drugs

De Lima dared the administration reveal the intel report.

“I demand that the details of such so-called US intel, if there is one, be made public so I can confront them,” she added.
“May I assure my gullible colleagues in the Senate and our people that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the illegal drug trade,” the senator added.

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