Busted: Robredo had an abortion? Fake news site is making things up again

Vice President Leni Robredo is the topic of yet another fake news, claiming that a certain congressman blamed her for aborting his unborn child. The article was even shared by Facebook fan pages “MIRM – Madame Imelda Romualdez Marcos” and “Duterte News Media.”

Robredo had an Abortion
Robredo had an Abortion

One article was published by, although it cited its source as the fake news site

Robredo had an Abortion

The article claimed that Robredo has aborted her three-month-old pregnancy after being bashed for getting pregnant. It added that the vice president’s inner circles said that Robredo could no longer bear the criticism.

The article also brought up the alleged statement a congressman told New York Times reporters. His statement said, “She called on Monday to tell me that she was to abort if the criticism continues, i said NO but she hanged off the call and immediately blacklisted my number, i can not reach her now.”

Articles about Robredo’s alleged pregnancy and photos of her rounded stomach, which is thought to be her baby bump, are also circulating on social media, as noted in the article.


However, Robredo has already denied these pregnancy rumors.

Philippine Star reported about her denial in November.

Robredo called the rumors “laughable.”

“We all know that this is not true and has no basis,” Robredo told reporters.

In a separate statement issued by Robredo’s spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez slammed what she called as well-funded and well-orchestrated attacks to malign the VP.

“The demolition campaign has begun. The next logistical question is: who is behind it?” Hernandez said.

“We have complete trust in the Filipino’s ability to discern fact from fiction, and steer clear of false news. Websites that masquerade as news sources have been fabricating these rumors, which are then spread by troll armies,” she added.


Moreover,, the site that made the claim about Robredo’s abortion, has been known for sharing a lot of fake articles. We’ve busted some of them, such as Trump threatening Loida Lewis for ‘disrespecting’ Duterte, De Lima paying an Indian witch to confuse Duterte, De Lima getting thrown out of a conference hall in Germany, British PM saying Duterte is unimpeachable and that she wants to be like Duterte, De Lima’s son caught with drugs, and Robredo getting deported from the US.

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