Busted: Robredo deported from the US? Hoax alert!

Vice President Leni Robredo is allegedly deported from America, according to the articles being spread on Facebook by some fan pages, including those that are dedicated to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Facebook pages like the “Philippine News Portal,” which bears Duterte’s photo for its profile image, “Duterte The Punisher,” and “Tatay Digong – Unofficial” are among those that shared the article about Robredo’s alleged deportation from the US. The articles were also picked up by,, and

Robredo Deported from The US
Robredo Deported from The US

Robredo Deported from The US

US President-elect Donald Trump allegedly wrote to the Philippine Embassy in the US to prevent Robredo from entering the US, the articles said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that he was instructed to bar Robredo from celebrating in the US because she left members of her region drying, probably in reference to Bicol being hit by Typhoon Nina.


Kerry was even quoted saying, “I was instructed to stop her entering the USA, leaders are elected to help the poor, we do not understand why she decided to come and enjoy here when her people are suffering.”

The other articles published by the other blogs are exactly the same, so we directly went to checking the source, which turned out to be the fake news site

Robredo Deported from The US

Meme Buster has busted several fake stories from, such as Trump threatening Loida Lewis for disrespecting Duterte, Senator Leila De Lima hiring an Indian witch to confuse Duterte, De Lima getting thrown out of a conference hall in Germany, and more.


Robredo is currently in the US with her family, reportedly, to cope with missing her late husband and former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, during Christmas. Her trip in the US despite being forewarned about the arrival of Nina in her home province of Bicol is the reason why she is receiving a lot of criticisms now.

Vice President Robredo was definitely not barred from entering the US or deported from the country. Moreover, the article’s claim about Trump taking the reins to get Robredo deported is impossible because he has yet to get inaugurated into office this January 2017.

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