Busted: Articles about De Lima thrown out of Berlin conference came from a fake news site

Senator Leila De Lima went abroad to accept an award in the US and to speak at the Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy (ACCD), which was scheduled on December 14 to 19 in Berlin, Germany. She said that she will talk about human rights issues in the Philippines to “gather support” against the “prevailing culture of impunity.”


But articles about De Lima allegedly being thrown out of the conference hall in Berlin, as they were picked up by websites like and They were also shared by Facebook pages like “Duterte Parallel Organization – Tagumpay ng Pagbabago,” “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan,” “Marcos Warriors,” and “Duterte for Better Philippines,” among other pages.

De Lima Thrown Berlin conference
De Lima Thrown Berlin conference

De Lima Thrown Berlin conference
De Lima Thrown Berlin conference

De Lima was thrown out of the ACCD conference in Germany, claimed the article, which turned out to be sourced from a website FOX correspondents and security officials reported that De Lima “had gone out of order” after mentioned President Rodrigo Duterte’s name.

One security officer at the conference hall was even quoted saying, “She consistently mentioned Rodrigo Duterte’s name despite being warned by the speaker, we were instructed to kick her out of the hall, we just followed the orders from the speaker.”


De Lima was also quoted in the article: “The conference is a perfect opportunity to bring forward the human rights issues faced by the country, including our respective experiences, and gather support for actions that mitigate the prevailing culture of impunity.” This statement, however, is true as it was also reported by GMA News Online.

The article said that the members who attended the ACCD “declined to listen” to De Lima in her accusations, telling her that her talks were all politics and that she should continue the debate in the Philippines.

However, is the same fake news site that posted fake articles that we’ve already busted, such as US President-elect Donald Trump warning Filipinos it will take 50 years to get another Duterte and De Lima hiring an Indian witch to confuse Duterte.

De Lima also recently uploaded photos of her having her first meal in Berlin with the other speakers at the ACCD. is a fake news site and the photos De Lima uploaded eating with her co-speakers at the Berlin conference more than proved that there is no truth to the claims about her being thrown out of the event. It’s all a lie.

De Lima delivered her speech at the ACCD 2016 held at the Academy of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin on December 18.

This is the video of her speech posted by Facebook user Christoph Barton.


This is also the text of her whole speech, as posted on her official Facebook page.

Sources: (,

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