Busted: Do you believe de Lima paid an Indian witch to confuse Duterte? Well, don’t! It’s a HOAX!

Has Senator Leila De Lima finally resorted to supernatural powers to up her game against President Rodrigo Duterte?

At least that’s what an article on Facebook has been claiming. It says that an Indian witch claimed that De Lima paid him $5,000 to “confuse” Duterte’s government.

de Lima Paid Indian Witch

de Lima Paid Indian Witch

Upon clicking on the link of the article being shared, we found ourselves at a somewhat familiar site. We just busted one of its articles about US President-elect Donald Trump issuing a warning to Fil-Am civic leader and lawyer Loida Nicolas Lewis to respect Duterte or she’ll get “evicted” from the US. This is fake, of course.

Now, let’s see just how what this new claim about De Lima and a witch is all about.


According to the article, Manila-based Indian witch, or magician, Sigh Maalim talked to reporters to get the remaining $1,000 out of the $5,000 De Lima promised she would pay him. He said that the senator had asked him to “use his dark forces to stop her case in ongoing anti-drugs war in the Philippines.”

His task? To bring confusion to Duterte’s government to derail his war against drugs, to turn his allies against him, and to have judges and investigators side with De Lima.

The article further added that the senator later declined to pay the $1,000 balance because the witch/magician’s work was not fully done.

Yes, the article is certainly sticking to its supernatural theme. So, do you believe it?

If you ask the commenters on the FB pages that shared the article, they certainly bought it.

de Lima Paid Indian Witch

However, there were also those who caught up with just how fake this story is!

de Lima Paid Indian Witch is not exactly a credible source and it shows in how many fake articles it has published. Look at all these fake news about Trump, Duterte and De Lima!

de Lima Paid Indian Witch

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