Busted: Police did not raid or find P680-M drug money in Agot Isidro’s house! It’s a fake story!

After actress Agot Isidro’s “psychopath” post against President Rodrigo Duterte went viral, it seems like Duterte’s supporters are keen on ruining the actress’ reputation. This is evident in how they have shared an article about “specialised organised crime officers” raiding Isidro’s house and finding P680 million of money in it.

Police Raid Agot Isidros House

Police Raid Agot Isidros House

Police Raid Agot Isidros House

We checked the article and it claimed that police raided Isidro’s secret apartment after reports revealed that she is involved with drug lords. The police supposedly tailed her from the “tyre-fitting centre” where she met the drug lord.

The article even quoted the head of the police unit, saying that the raid was a “massive seizure” and that they thought the P680 million they found was from illegal sources, seeing as how people don’t normally keep that much amount of money lying around at home.

There was also a mention of a man, who was thought to be Isidro’s drug lord lover, who fled and is now being hunted by the police.

We traced the origin of the article. The one shared by the Duterte fan pages was published by Tartey. It cited its source to be Pilipinas Online Updates, which led us to Balitang Pinas, and which finally led us to du30newsinfo. And there we found the origin of the article –

We just want to clarify here that is totally different from the established UK-based site Dailymail (

We checked and it has several articles that are totally fake!

It posted that former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki died in January 2016, when he is still very much alive.

Police Raid Agot Isidros House also posted that Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay confirmed that Filipinos can enjoy visa-free travel to the UK last August. However, this is merely a hoax that even the British embassy in Manila had to issue a statement clarifying that the “UK is not visa-free.” This article actually came from satire site

Police Raid Agot Isidros House

Another fake article posted by the site was about the gorilla in a Cincinnati zoo who had to be put down after a boy entered its enclosure. The site claimed that the gorilla came back to life, which is an obvious lie.

Police Raid Agot Isidros House

These are only a few of the fake articles posted by that proved that the site cannot be trusted. It might not have put in its disclaimer that it is a satire site, but by posting fake articles, it makes it easier to conclude that the article about Isidro’s “secret” apartment being raided with drug money found is also a fake article.

If you need more verification, Google the story. You won’t find anything remotely truthful about this claim.

The article even based its fake story on another fake story – that Isidro is dating a drug lord. We already busted this one.

Source: (

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