Busted: Agot Isidro is dating drug lords? It’s a fake story!

Actress Agot Isidro’s Facebook post went viral after she called President Rodrigo Duterte a “psychopath” who needs to see a psychiatrist. This caused backlash from Duterte’s supporters, who slammed the actress, to the extent of even taunting her for being unable to bear a child.

Agot Isidro Dating Drug Lords

And now, Duterte fan page Showbiz Government shared a “world breaking” news – Isidro is supposedly dating two drug lords, one of which was killed during a police raid.

The article from DW-TV3 claimed that their investigative journalist “Andrews” revealed these recent findings about Isidro’s romantic life. One of the drug lords, Alexandro, was even said to have appeared on Duterte’s drug list.

DW-TV3 was also said to have a copy of Isidro’s photos with the drug lords if she denies the issue.

However, DW-TV3 is not exactly your most credible source of stories. They do publish stories, but they have been proven time and time again to be fake. In fact, we have busted several stories from this website.


DW-TV3 posted these fake stories that we busted:

These are only a few of the fake articles that the site has posted and it did not even put in its disclaimer that it is a satirical blog. It just showed its propensity to make up stories and this time, the recently viral post from Isidro has caught the site’s fancy.

No, Isidro dating drug lords is definitely a made-up story. Yet, Duterte’s supporters were quick to fall for this fake story as they continue to bash Isidro for speaking her mind.

This is not the first instance that the president’s supporters showed their wrath upon those who speak out against Duterte. There were plenty of bashings and even death threats online. Environmental advocate Renee Karunungan even filing a police report against her cyberbullies who threatened to have her raped or killed after she said that Duterte was a “lazy choice.”

If you see articles from DW-TV3 online, it might be best to ignore it and look for other credible sources of information.

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