Busted:  PH most powerful country by Euro TV? Article came from site that posts fake news!

A Duterte fan page urged Die-hard Duterte Supporters (DDS) to share an article claiming that the Philippines was named as the “world’s most powerful country” by a European TV network. The page added that this is another achievement of the Duterte administration and how this recognition shows how much the Philippines has changed since Duterte became president.

PH most powerful country

According to the article. Euro TV, a large TV network in Europe, named the Philippines as the most powerful country in the world, based on their survey. The Philippines even supposedly beat Russia, North Korea, United States, China, and France for the title. The article further claimed that the report was based on the country’s impact on the world’s affairs and how it asserts its independence.

And the source of the article? It is DW-Tv3, which posted a few articles that Memebuster has already busted. We busted its article claiming that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling Duterte “brave,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praising Duterte’s drug war, and North Korean chairman Kim Jong-un commenting on Duterte’s enemies and the opponents of his drug war.


DW-Tv3 is totally unreliable as it re-posts exact copies fake news about the death of several personalities, such as the death hoax of Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote and South African rights activist Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

The sad thing is that Duterte’s supporters still bought the lie and even shared it without bothering to check the source.PH most powerful country

In DW-Tv3’s associate Facebook page, these are the comments that you’ll see.

PH most powerful country

Although DW-Tv3 did not put a disclaimer about it being a satirical blog, it cannot be trusted because of how many times we’ve caught it posting fake news and it doesn’t seem to be apologetic for what it is doing. So, it is up to us, readers, to discern whether the sources of the articles that we shared and reacted to online are credible or not. And DW-Tv3 should definitely not be on our list of credible sources.

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