Busted: Article on N. Korea’s Kim Jong-un commenting on Duterte’s enemies, drug war is a SATIRE!

A Facebook fan page for President Rodrigo Duterte shared an intriguing article about North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un describing Duterte’s enemies and his war against drugs.

Kim Jong Un Commenting Duterte

According to the article, North Korea’s Kim “personally congratulated” Duterte when he assumed the “highest throne” in the Philippines. Kim was also said to have “recommended” the Filipino president for his sense of duty and even urged him to continue working without being influenced by global organizations.


The article claimed that Kim called those who criticized Duterte’s campaign on drugs as people who have “no love for humanity,” given how they don’t care about people dying from drugs.

We checked Google to try and verify the article and this is what we found:

Kim Jong Un Commenting Duterte

Yep, the article came from the satirical blog As the website said, take note of the “1” in their website name. We clicked on theguard1an article and it has the same exact content as the article that was shared by the Duterte fan page.

Kim Jong Un Commenting Duterte

And no, Kim and Duterte have not interacted personally. But if you Google their names, you’ll find several articles, you’ll find some that compared Duterte to Kim as a “dictator.”

Kim Jong Un Commenting Duterte

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