Miyako to Canadian who wrote to de Lima – Senators are not impeachable; focus on Iran

When a certain Amir Assadollahi posted an open letter to Senator Leila de Lima on Facebook, he told the senator that her political and business chances are gone globally and “nothing can bring it back.” He also suggested for de Lima to ask for state protection and testify against the officials in her network of crime because she will be stripped of her title, education and position once she is impeached. He added that she should consider the possibility that the people she is trying to protect will be staying away from her after she lost her credibility.

Assadollahi also defended President Rodrigo Duterte and his way of speaking, adding that he is sincere in helping make the Philippines great for Filipinos.

He addressed the United Nations and other foreign nations raising their concern about the “due process that is taking place within the internal domestic politics and international relations” that the Philippines is trying to build with other nations to solve drugs and crime.

Assadollahi is all praises for Duterte, whom he considered as one of the few “historic and charismatic leaders” who come up every few centuries. He further said that other domestic and global political figures are simply threatened by Duterte and his war on crime and drugs.

His open letter has gone viral and he seemed to be proud of it after reposting it and a screen capture of the post with his photo on his Facebook page.

But Miyako Izabel, a vocal writer and one of the constant figures we’ve featured on Memebuster, has a few things to say to Assadollahi.

One of the things that Izabel pointed out is the fact that Senators are among the government officials in the Philippines who are not impeachable. We wrote an article related to this too – De Lima, as a senator, is not an impeachable government official. And in a seeming hit to Assadollahi and those who agreed with his post, she asked him to stop “dumbing down Filipinos.”

“Also, for your information, the position of a senator in my country is not one of the impeachable public positions. These are the impeachable ones according to our constitution: president, vice president, justices of the Supreme Court, and members of the constitutional commissions. Please correct your false assumption and stop dumbing down Filipinos,” Izabel wrote.

Another thing she emphasized is the idea of “foreign meddling” and how this is not allowed, something that the Canadian has violated. She added that as a political scientist, he should know about this.

“I hope you are familiar with the concept of “foreign meddling” perhaps taught in some of your Political Science courses. Philippine jurisprudence has laws preventing foreigners from engaging in the local politics of the Philippines, which is what you are actually doing,” she added.

Izabel also defended why the United Nations and United States raised their concerns about the killings in the Philippines. She said that the fact that the Philippines is a signatory to several human rights treaties implemented by the UN. The US, a long-time ally, has a foreign policy of defending human rights and stopping political repressions.

As for Assadollahi’s post going viral, Izabel said that most of his statements anyway were based on his own perceptions and illogical inferences, something that would not be able to survive Sociology’s academic demands.

Izabel also encouraged Assadollahi to focus his “intellectual energy” on Iran, given that he is of Iranian descent, because his own people are suffering.

“Lastly, I expect you, a person of Iranian descent, to know more about human rights violations and political repressions. Countless people in Iran are hanged extrajudicially or sentenced to death without fair trials or based on confessions done under duress and evidence fabricated for quick, easy convictions. I follow Iranian politics, diplomacy, and economics too,” she said.

“Please tone down your noise, and perhaps you can focus your intellectual energy on Iran and your time and effort on your people who suffer political repression, persecution, and oppression,” she added.


Sources: (miyakoizabel, amir.assadollhi)


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