Busted: De Lima, as a senator, is not an impeachable government official

A website called for the impeachment of Senator Leila de Lima and aimed to get 100,000 shares to successfully impeach her.

Leila de Lima Impeachment

If you click on the link in the photo above, you won’t see any article, though. It just contains a YouTube video of de Lima’s campaign ad during her bid for a seat in the senate. It’s obviously a site aimed to mislead readers simply with its headline, but without any content to support it.

Leila de Lima Impeachment

This screengrab showed Solicitor General Jose Calida talking about the illegal drug problems in the Philippines, accusing de Lima of not doing anything to solve the said problems during her turn as the Department of Justice Secretary for six years.

And of course, it came with a hashtag #impeachdelima.

But can you really impeach the new senator?

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