Taiwan asks Duterte for proof of Taiwanese drug cartel as source of illegal drugs in PH

President Rodrigo Duterte blamed Taiwan-based drug cartel for supplying illegal drugs in the Philippines, but Taiepei asked the Philippine government for proof to back this claim while they also investigate the matter.
Taiwan’s representative to the Philippines Gary Song-Huann Lin responded to Duterte’s accusation by requesting “related agencies in Taipei to look into and investigate this matter.

“We also urged the Philippines to provide information and evidence through mutual legal assistance mechanisms and channels, through these information and evidence,” Lin said.

Lin denied that his country was Philippine’s source of drugs.

“Taiwan do not export drugs to this country,” he said.

Lin’s statement came after Duterte said in his speech at the 120th anniversary of the Department of Justice, the President mentioned a Taiwanese drug cartel called the 14K Bamboo triad for being the Philippines’ supplier of illegal drugs.
But recently, the Philippine authorities were able to catch P6.4 billion worth of drug shipment from China to Manila this year.

The 14K Bamboo triad cooks and prepares methamphetamine in the middle of the sea and transports it past the Philippines, which serves as its transshipment point, said President Duterte.

Lin cited figures from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency that showed that 50.7% of the drugs seized in 2015 were cooked in the Philippines, only 8.75% were smuggled from abroad, while the source for the rest cannot be traced.

He also emphasized how fewer Taiwan citizens were arrested as drug suspects in the Philippines.

“Between 2011 and 2015, the Philippines apprehended 61,303 drug suspects, only 112 were foreigners, and only 0.04% or 24 were Taiwanese,” Lin said.

While Taiwan does not have formal diplomatic relations with the Philippines due to the One-China Policy, Lin expressed their nation’s commitment to improve its anti-drug cooperation with the country.

Taiwan assisted in seizing over 1,000 kilograms of shabu finished products, 3 shabu laboratories, over 8,000 kilograms of semi-finished products and raw materials, 6 shipments, and one distribution station.

Palace reacts

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella clarified that President Duterte was not blaming any country.

“(Mr. Duterte) did say that he was not blaming any particular country, but that there was organized crime that was behind all this drug traffic. And he did refer to Bamboo triad.”

Abella said that the President had “credible international sources” to support his statements.

As to Taiwan’s statement asking for proof over Duterte’s earlier statement, Abella said if Duterte “finds it necessary, he will respond.”

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