Netizen notes how Teddy Locsin says credit for Duterte as ‘Person of the Year’ for drug war, crime is overdue

A netizen said he fully agreed with the Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. for saying that President Rodrigo Duterte finally got the credit he deserved after being named by an investigative reporting platform as “Person of the Year.”

Bernard Ong said agreed with what Locsin tweeted about news on Duterte earning the title “Person of the Year” from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

“Thanks for the heads up. Finally, credit where it is overdue,” Locsin tweeted.

This was his reaction to Rappler founder Maria Ressa sharing a link about Duterte’s new title.

“100% agree with Teddyboy. He said Person of the Year award for Duterte – the individual who has done the most in the world to advance organized criminal activity and corruption – is overdue,” Ong said.

“I totally agree. Long overdue,” he further said. “See? I have an open mind. I am willing to listen even to arrogant fascists and Marcos-Hitler-Duterte apologists.”

Other netizens commented on how Locsin seemed to have reacted to the news without reading the rest of the report first.

Another one quoted something from the OCCRP report released on December 29, pointing out this part: “the individual who has done the most in the world TO ADVANCE organized criminal activity and corruption.” The same Facebook user then asked, “Do they even ever understand English?”

The OCCRP report actually chose Duterte as “Person of the Year for 2017,” an award that has been given to an someone who has helped the most in pushing for organized criminal activity and corruption.

OCCRP editor Drew Sullivan, described Duterte the following way:

“While he is not your typical corrupt leader, he has empowered corruption in an innovative way. His death squads have allegedly focused on criminals but, in fact, are less discriminating. He has empowered a bully-run system of survival of the fiercest. In the end, the Philippines are more corrupt, more cruel, and less democratic.”

He also said, “Duterte has made a mockery of rule of law in his country.”

Duterte won the title this year over South African President Jacob Zuma and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who was recently ousted.

The report pointed out Duterte once saying that he’d be “happy to slaughter” 3 million drug addicts after noting how “Hitler massacred 3 million Jews.” It also noted the killings in the drug war in the Philippines.

OCCRP also wrote that Duterte was chosen as a runner-up last year, when the title went to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Malacañang said the title was “wrong.”

“Mali ho, mali ho ‘yung award na ‘yun. Hindi ho tama ‘yun,” said Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on December 30.

Andanar also told government-run radio station dzRB about how the title was the opposite because the President does not tolerate corruption and drugs.

“It was the opposite because our President did everything to fight organized crime, to curb drug trafficking here in our country and to stop the transshipment of drugs,” he said.

At the same time, our President is fighting corruption. He has dismissed many people including those who helped him in the campaign. He also fired officials in government recently because of excessive foreign trips,” he added.

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