Busted: Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’ accusations from Collective ‘bad taste’ and ‘stupid’

Vice President Leni Robredo’s former staff denied accusations that he is his is boss’ ex-boyfriend.

Jonas Cabiles Soltes said that he heard about the issue from his friends, who told him that pro-Duterte blogger and lawyer Bruce Rivera posted We Are Collective’s accusations.

While he is “flattered” to be linked to someone like Robredo, he denied any romantic relationship between him and his former boss, adding that he worked for her when she was her district’s representative.
“Well, it’s flattering to be linked to a woman of beauty and substance especially because I am not physically-endowed. Thank you! But no. I was a former Political Affairs Officer III of the then Camarines Sur Representative,” he said.

“I was also a former Communications Officer of Jesse Robredo, whom I revered higher than Leni,” he added.

As for the photos posted that were used by the Collective to seemingly show his relationship with Robredo, this is what Soltes said: “I can share a hundred photos of us together. All of these photos were taken in public places. Just ask me.”

He also denied going on a trip to the US with Robredo.

“You can also verify with the US Department of State: I and Leni Robredo have never been in the US at the same time. Of course all of my friends know that it isn’t true,” Soltes said.

Soltes also said that even Robredo’s late husband is probably “laughing very hard” wherever he is now.

He also revealed the real reason why he left Robredo’s office – to pursue his own political ambitions – and the Robredo couple has been supportive of him.

“Now, people, you want a real issue between us and VP Robredo? Try asking why I left her office two years ago to run for public office and try spinning the possible reasons into petty intrigues. I’ll give you something to start with: I ran not under the Liberal Party but under the United Nationalists Alliance. But I will only tell you that I have dreamed of becoming a public servant since I was a kid and the Robredos knew about that so they let me pursue that path–in good faith,” Soltes said.

Robredo’s former staffer said he just told friends and constituents to “laugh about” the accusations and warned them not to take We Are Collective seriously.

“I am just explaining to save all of you from bad taste and stupidity,” Soltes concluded his post.

Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’

He also posted a screenshot of the post made by Rivera and another pro-Duterte blogger, Cocky Rocky, or Rocky Gonzales, who agreed to post Collective’s recent revelations after the group’s Facebook page and websites are taken down.

We located the said posts from Rivera, called the “First Hydra,” accusing Robredo of cheating with Soltes as a response to her husband’s own cheating ways.

The post claimed:

“Aba si VP Leni mala De Lima din pala ang peg. Kung si Leila mahilig sa driver/bodyguards e heto si Leni may kinawiwilihan ding myembro ng kanyang legislative staff bago naging sila ni Bolet. Ikaw Leni ha… Matindi din ang paghihiganti mo sa mga katiwalian ni Jesse… pati staff pinapatulan mo na… isinama mo pa sa US… Ano kaya ang taglay ng staff na ito at very special ang tingin sa kanya ng kanyang boss?”

Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’

And here is Gonzales’ post from Collective and it said:

“Kaw Leni ha. Totoo ba na kung si Leila may Dayan ikaw naman meron ding favorite na kasakasama sa biyahe na Jonas? Teka. Pakaliskisan kaya natin sa mga peeps. O mga peeps what canyou say about Leni’s representative before Bolet. Can you imagine what it would be like everyday?”

Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’
We also tried to locate the other “hydras” that We Are Collective has asked other pro-Duterte bloggers to post.

The third one was posted by blogger Drei Toledo, which said:

“Sweet naman. Ikaw Leni ha… You are one naughty girl talaga… inggit naman kami… buti pa sila pa US US lang… samantalang kaming mga nasa laylayan sadlak sa kahirapan na gawa ng mga magnanakaw at kriminal na nagpapakalat ng droga. Oh well, can’t have it all talaga.”

Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’

However, the blogger who’s supposed to post the fourth hydra, Bryan Ng Co, did not post anything, adding that it was due to “misaligned expectation.”

Another blogger who is supposed to post the fifth hydra said that “something’s gone awry with Hydra…”

Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’

Here are the eight bloggers who were tapped by We Are Collective to post their hydras, as shared by Gonzales.

Robredo’s former staff denies, calls ‘boyfriend’

As of writing, pro-Duterte bloggers, including those who were asked by Collective to post eight Hydras and those who said that they rejected Collective’s proposal, such as Sass Rogando Sasot, have posted their reactions to the revelations in the Hydra, which we will cover in another article.

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