Busted: News about Bill Gates investing $20B in PH came from a SATIRICAL blog!

Did Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates invest $20 billion in the Philippines under the President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration?

At least this is what a Duterte fan page claimed as it shared an article “Duterte attracts more investors as Bill Gates invests $20 billion in the Philippines.” The page truly believed the article, seeing as how its caption read: “Thank you for trusting the new government.”

Bill Gates Investing in PH

The article claimed that while many thought Duterte’s drug war would drive investors away, the opposite happened as more investors viewed the Philippines as “safer than ever before.”


It even quoted Gates as saying: “I was very scared. I can’t just send funds anywhere to invest. I have to make sure the country is safe. Now that Duterte has done away with drug lords and pushers, I’m here to invest.”

However, the article was posted by a satirical blog The Guard1an (take note of the 1). The quote from Gates is made up and the article shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Bill Gates Investing in PH

If you do try and Google Gates and his investment in the Philippines, he was reportedly spotted visiting the country in April 2015 with his wife, as they enjoyed a brief summer vacation in Palawan. He was also said to have visited the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the same month because his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is the biggest philanthropic donor to the IRRI, according to Tony Lambino, IRRI head of communications.

But that is as far as Gates’ recent connection to the Philippines went as a potential investor and it wasn’t even during Duterte’s time yet.

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