Busted: UN Secretary-General did not call Duterte “brave”

Facebook page “OFW Family” shared an article claiming that United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon described Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in one word – brave. The page even wondered what happened to Ban for him to change his tune towards Duterte after he condemned the Filipino president for his “apparent endorsement of extrajudicial killings.”

UN Secretary-General call Duterte

The article said that while many people thought of Ban as Duterte’s “enemy,” Ban has now changed his mind about the Philippine president’s drug war after realizing its significance to the country.

According to the article, Ban called Duterte “brave” during his speech at the UN general assembly in the United States. The article even quoted Ban saying: “God bless Duterte, God bless the Philippines.”

The article was published on the Germany-based website DW-Tv3. However, we have already busted the site and stated why we should not take all of its posts as “genuine” news because it has previously published fake news and death hoaxes.


Memebuster has busted DW-Tv3’s article claiming that North Korean chairman Kim Jong-un called Duterte’s enemies and those who opposed drug war as people with “no love for humanity.” We also busted the site’s claim that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised Duterte’s campaign against drugs because the former did not comment on the issue at all.

DW-Tv3 posted several death hoaxes, such as about Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote dying in Germany, which he denied, saying that he is still “hale, hearty and alive.” The same blog also claimed that South African social rights activist Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu died, when he is actually alive, well, and even about to release a book this October.

We definitely could not trust a website that publishes fake news and even starts death hoaxes.

Moreover, you cannot find any article on Ban calling Duterte brave. Among the latest issues about Duterte and Ban, though, was when the Philippine president called Ban a “fool” for giving a statement on the possible human rights violations in the Philippines a few weeks ago.

If you see articles from DW-Tv3, don’t fall for those articles. They have proven several times before that they can easily make up quotes and attribute it to anyone they plan on targeting in their fake articles. Verify their articles first before sharing and reacting to them.

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