Busted: FB page lies, makes up statement from de Lima about accepting “donations” from drug lords

Facebook page “Ang Bayan Ko” attributed a quote to Senator Leila de Lima about her allegedly accepting “donations” from “high-profile drug lords.” The page even mocked de Lima for what they considered as “overused” excuse and for following the Catholic church’s example of accepting ‘jueteng’ money. Based on its caption, the page truly believed that de Lima’s statement really came from her.

De Lima Accepting Donations

The quote read: “Masama ba tumanggap ng “DONASYON” kosa naman nila un ibinigay hindi ko hiningi sa mga “high-profile Drug Lord’s” kosa nga eh; bakit ang mga “Simbahan” tumatanggap din naman ng “Donasyon” galing sa “Weteng Payola.””

And as expected, the senator was slammed over and over again by the commenters on the post. They also believed that de Lima uttered those words.

De Lima Accepting Donations

De Lima Accepting Donations

However, de Lima did not release such a statement or said those words during a press conference. If we were to nitpick, just look at the way the quote was constructed. Does it seem credible to you?

The New Bilibid Prison convicts, presented by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, testified that another drug lord and NBP convict, Jaybee Sebastian, required other convicts to sell drugs to raise funds for de Lima’s senatorial bid in May.

De Lima has also denied accepting money from drug lords.

“I have no millions or billions in my bank accounts. And I have no dummy accounts. Any alleged accounts that would be linked to me and my alleged drug links can only be fictitious,” de Lima said via text message to the Inquirer.

“Secretary Aguirre and his operators are a mafia of lies and intrigues, who go to bed with criminal convicts just to get their perjured testimonies. In exchange, they give them immunity, immunity for drug lords and convicted criminals,” de Lima added.

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