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Could Arayat shabu lab be a paint mixing plant? Independent investigators should dig deeper – netizen



Arayat municipal government officials accidentally discovered what was thought to be a shabu laboratory located at the foot of Mount Arayat in Lacquios, Pampanga while conducting fire safety and sanitary inspections on Thursday, September 22. Mayor Emmanuel Bonifacio Alejandrino told the Philippine Drug Enforcement agency how they were taken by surprise when they found the lab at an area for what was supposed to be a corn crusher and piggery.

The location of what the cops dubbed as “the biggest facility” they found in the entire Philippines so far was merely five kilometers away from Brgy. Balitucan in Magalang where a shabu lab under a piggery was discovered on September 7.

According to Senior Supt. Rodolfo Recomono Jr, Director of Pampanga Provincial Police Office, the lab may be able to produce as much as 50 to 100 kilograms of shabu daily, as evaluated by the crime lab chemists.

“It’s a good thing that we discovered this laboratory before it could produce and distribute finished products out to the market. My instruction to all police chiefs in the province is to be proactive. And it paid,” Recomono said.

However, some netizens raised a few questions as to the veracity of the information about the shabu lab and whether the estimates of how much shabu the lab could produce are not exaggerated, given that the cops and government officials involved in the discovery of the lab have ulterior motives.


Facebook user Bernard Ong, in his post on Friday, September 24, he said that he first saw the angle about the ‘mega’ shabu lab through the post of another netizen, Ramon de Guzman. He also did his own cross-checking and came up with several theories about that laboratory.

Ong also reported that one Chinese was caught while four others escaped.

But according to Ong, these Chinese nationals fleeing did not necessarily mean that they were into drugs. They could be fleeing for several reasons, such as not having work permits.

“One Chinese was nabbed while his four companions jumped over the wall. Could be shabu cooks, or maybe a case of illegal aliens w/o work permits,” Ong said.

He then urged to have “independent investigators” examine the suspect.

“Independent investigators should examine the suspect. Not the arresting cops who may torture him to get testimony that matches their own press release,” he added.

Ong also recommended to let chemists and chemical engineers should investigate the shabu lab themselves.

“Chemists & chemical engineers should check the ‘Mega Shabu Lab’ to validate its purpose & capacity. Police claimed the equipment can produce 100kg of shabu each month. From the scale on the pic, it seems an overkill of too much equipment to produce too little shabu,” he said.

He also provided links to websites of paint mixing facilities to be compared to the photo of the shabu lab near Mt. Arayat.

Arayat shabu lab shut down by Pampanga cops

Image source: Inquirer

Arayat Shabu Lab Paint Mixing Plant

Image source:

Less Human Operation Complete Production Line for Latex Paint1

Image source:

Ong also said that there are similar types of basic chemical batch production equipment that look like the Arayat shabu lab being sold at the online shop Alibaba.

He said that while he could not classify him the story about the mega shabu lab as a hoax, he urged independent investigators to dig deeper, considering how the police and government officials might have “vested interests” in making such a discovery.

“The local police & politicos who trumpeted the successful ‘raid’ have vested interests in scoring brownie points in the War on Drugs. A ‘mega lab’ is worth more points than a dozen kills which are fairly common these days,” he said.
“Too much falsehoods flying around to take government press statements at face value,” he added.

When one commenter pointed out how guns were made by the “unlikeliest manufacturing facilities” during World War II and added that chemical engineers should check out the alleged shabu lab, Ong said that it was exactly his point. He wanted to bring chemical engineers as well as PDEA canine units that can detect even the “tiniest speck of shabu” on the equipment.

Arayat Shabu Lab 1

Another commenter asked why would shabu manufacturers invest in a megalab that would easily stop their production capacity once it gets raided. Why not in facilities that can be easily dismantled and moved to another location?

Arayat Shabu Lab 2

In a separate post, Ong also said that with billions at stake, the owner of the shabu lab could not seem to afford walls and climate control to prevent raw materials from being contaminated.

“For all the billions at stake, it seems the owner could not even afford to have proper walls & climate control – to stop the grass from encroaching, to keep dust from contaminating valuable raw materials, to keep rain from disrupting manufacturing process, to protect precious finished products from outsiders,” Ong said.

In his comment, Ong added that there is a possibility this alleged “shabu lab” is a paint mixing plant that produces fake versions of paints, seeing as how China is the “world leader in such intellectual property theft.”

Arayat Shabu Lab 3

One commenter noted that if paint is being produced in the plant, the laboratory would need ventilation.

Arayat Shabu Lab 4

Someone who claimed to be a chemical engineer also offered an observation based on the published photos of the “shabu lab.”

Arayat Shabu Lab 5

And if the said lab is truly not a shabu lab, then the claim was merely “mega-imaginative, mega-fantasy, mega-propaganda,” according to one commenter.

Arayat Shabu Lab 6

Sources: inquirerbernard.ong1bernard.ong2



Watch how artists’ group teaches Filipinos about their rights during TokHang



Resbak, an alliance of artists, posted an almost six-minute video on their Facebook page about what you should do when you are dealing with the police during Operation TokHang. With over 7,000 deaths, the group wanted to educate the Filipinos about what to do when they suddenly find themselves the subject of TokHang. They easily abbreviates these eight fundamental rights into M.A.T.A.P.A.N.G.

  • M for Manahimik. You can choose to keep quiet and not answer the cops’ questions during interrogations.
  • A for Ayoko. You don’t really need to grant the cops entry into your home if they say they want to search your home for illegal drugs.
  • T for Tumawag. You can call your lawyer and avail of his services even if you don’t have money to pay for it.
  • A for Alis. You can leave if the cops cannot provide enough basis to keep you in the police station.
  • P for Pribado. You should only be frisked for illegal items in a private place and only cops of the same sex should do it.
  • A for Alamin. You have the right to know the name and rank of the cop in charge of the operation.
  • N for Numero. You can call Resbak at 0956 874 2385 if you or someone’s rights got violated under TokHang.
  • G for Go. You go and follow the rules indicated above.

You can watch the video below, which was done as a spoof of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2017.

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Are you in DCW’s list? Here are tips on how to remove your name from that list and more



If you find your name in Duterte Cyber Warrior’s “Wall of Shame,” which may make you a target of cyber threats, such as identity theft and other kinds of attacks, you can do something about it.


Facebook user Khary Woulfe posted some tips on how you can hit back at the group’s threats.

Before visiting the page, make sure to do “Disable COOKIES, JAVASCRIPT and POP-UPS from your browser before clicking the link,” Woulfe said.

He also referred netizens to a safer version of the list, similar to the one posted by the Superficial Gazette. You can access it here.

As for taking your name, Woulfe suggested these tips:

  1. Verify your Facebook with your phone number. This is required to change your FB username.
  2. Change your username everyday (or more frequent than that.) The Messenger change username option is the fastest way to do so. (Otherwise, go to if you’re on computer or on web version of Facebook.)
    This way, your old Facebook address included on their lists will point instead to a 404 (Page Not Found) page.

“However, if you haven’t provided your username beforehand and your link has been listed as, the link would still point to your profile right after changing your username. If this is your case, it is better to deactivate your account for the mean time,” he added.


Woulfe also gave tips on how to take down the website hosting DCW’s list.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and select Violent Threats.
  2. Fill in Full name with any name that isn’t your true name.
  3. Fill in your email address.
  4. Fill in Evidence URL with
  5. Fill in Logs with:
    The link provided points to a website hosted on CloudFlare. The “Wall of Shame” is actually a list of Facebook profiles with links pointing to profiles that they are going to steal infos and photos. They also send death threats and other forms of black mails. I believe such kind of activity is illegal. My family and friends are included in the list. Please don’t allow your services to be instrumental to such kind of illegal activites. Thank you.
  6. Click Submit.

 Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!

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Superficial Gazette urges people and FB pages in DCW’s ‘Wall of Shame’ to be more cautious but not be silenced



Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines (SGRP) warned the private individuals and Facebook pages that are included in the list monitored by a group of “hackers” supporting Duterte, known as “Duterte Cyber Warriors (DCW),” to secure their accounts against cyber threats.


SGRP also provided a version of DCW’s list of potential cyber tokhang targets, called “Wall of Shame,” that is safer and easier to access, the link of which can be found here.

As of February 3, at around 3:30 pm, the list contained more than 2,250 names and FB pages, some of which are the Superficial Gazette, Madam Claudia, Change Scamming, Silent No More, Resbak Operatives, Jim Paredes, Carlos Celdran.

Even Meme Buster was included in the list at #615 after receiving three reports.

DCW Wall of Shame

For SGRP, the list should be viewed as a compilation of “names of pages and people that are worth following.”

Their advice for those who found their name in DCW’s Wall of Shame?

“Secure your accounts, change your passwords, and maybe your username. But do not be silenced – for you to stop opposing this government’s crimes is exactly what they want,” SGRP wrote.

One commenter noted how coming up with the list seemed like how the Nazis identified their “enemies” then and rounded them up.

DCW Wall of Shame

Another person on the list just laughed it off, feeling flattered he was in the list of people who are also “fighting for truth.”

DCW Wall of Shame

Someone also commented on how this action is a “subtle way of suppressing freedom of expression” of the opposition.

DCW Wall of Shame

Earlier, Superficial Gazette also posted a screenshot of how DCW posted the link of the Facebook profile of a certain individual while urging their followers to conduct a “cyber tokhang” on that person and gather the address of the target’s known relatives and friends.

In December last year, SGRP wrote about how Madam Claudia, a page critical of the Duterte administration, was removed from Facebook after being mass-reported. Despite not violating any of the FB community’s standards, the FB moderators still removed the page, leading SGRP to conclude that some of FB Philippines’ administrators may have been biased.

This is also the reason why Superficial Gazette hit the Duterte’s supporters’ “#defendFREEspeech” campaign because other supporters were also targeting Duterte’s critics with cyber tokhang, as initiated by Mr. Riyoh and Duterte Cyber Warriors, public shaming, and other kinds of attacks.

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!



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