Busted: Jackie Chan wants to make a movie based on Duterte? Fake news alert!

President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters said they are excited over the news that Jackie Chan “begged” to use Duterte’s life as the basis for his movie, “100 Days.”

Jackie Chan Movie Based Duterte[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Jackie Chan Movie Based Duterte

One of the articles shared was posted by, but it cited its source to be

According to the articles, Jackie Chan has expressed interest in making a movie based on the administration of Duterte. It further claimed that Chan even has plans of coming to the Philippines to visit Duterte’s home and allow his crew to research more about Duterte’s drug war. The movie will focus on Duterte’s first 100 days in office. The article even noted that Duterte would be the “first sitting president” to have the honor of having a movie made about him.

We Googled about this huge piece of showbiz news, but we could not find any other credible sources about it, except the fact that the article was picked up by random blogs.

When we Googled Updater24, we found these top three results.

Jackie Chan Movie Based Duterte

The first one was about an Updater24 article on American inspirational Christian speaker and author Joyce Meyer’s death at 73, while the second one was about Chan’s plans of a Duterte movie. Also, take note of the February 10, 2016 date of Updater24’s article on the Duterte movie.

We checked the third article from hoax-busting site and surprise surprise!

According to, Meyer is very much alive. Given her level of fame, her death would have been widely reported and her official social media pages would have announced this kind of news.

As per’s investigation, Updater24 has no disclaimer that it posts satire or fake articles. However, it does post fake articles.

Updater24 claimed that ESPN reported about another Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao bout for $500 million. However, this is a fake article, given how Pacquiao said that he doubts he will have a rematch with Mayweather, adding that he is OK even if there was no second bout.

Jackie Chan Movie Based Duterte

Another fake article reported by the site is about the US announcing a “no visa” policy for Fiji. The US embassy in Suva even issued a statement to the public to disregard the “fraudulent message” from Updater24.

Jackie Chan Movie Based Duterte

If Jackie Chan is indeed eyeing Duterte as his next movie’s subject, this should have blown up the entertainment sections of the local and international news sites, but this has not happened yet. So for the president’s avid supporters, keep on wishing. But for now, please accept the fact that Updater24 is deliberately fooling you and more so if you keep on sharing the article and spreading the fake news.

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