Busted: Putin called FVR ‘blind’ to see what Duterte is doing? This is a hoax!

Several Duterte fan pages on Facebook shared an article about Russian leader Vladimir Putin calling former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos “blind” to see what current President Rodrigo Duterte is doing.

 Putin Called FVR Blind

 Putin Called FVR Blind

 Putin Called FVR Blind

The articles claimed that Putin has “fired shots” at Ramos after the latter described Duterte’s first 100 days as a “letdown” with Team Philippines “losing badly.” They even attributed a quote to Putin, who supposedly said: “Ramos is blind. You do not need medicated spectacles to see what Duterte has done.”

The Duterte fan pages shared articles posted by blogs and Both blogs cited bbc101 as the source. We checked the   with Betty B. Cole and it did contain the same article about Putin’s “blind” comment on Ramos.

BBC101’s “About Us” page did not deliberately say that it writes satire or fake articles. However, we noticed several fake articles among its posts, especially those pertaining to Duterte.

Putin Called FVR Blind

If Duterte’s supporters readily believed BBC101’s article on Putin and Ramos, would they then believe that Duterte was arrested in Laos during the ASEAN Summit? This certainly did not happen, but the site wrote about it.

And US President Barack Obama certainly did not mention Duterte when he tried to persuade Americans not to vote for US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Obama is classier than that, as what he showed when he said he did not take Duterte’s expletive-filled remarks against him personally.

We also found another copy of the same article published by satirical site posts fake articles and Putin’s supposed commentary against Ramos was also published by a satire site. These only led us to the conclusion that the article about Putin calling Ramos “blind” is a hoax!

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