Busted: Putin did not warn UN’s Human Rights Groups to get out of PH

Articles about Russian leader Vladimir Putin issuing a warning to the United Nation’s Human Rights Group to leave the Philippines or he “will finish (them) all!”

The said articles were shared by a certain Rody Pila to Facebook fan page “Sara Duterte Solid Supporters,” while others were shared by FB pages “Duterte News Global” and “Philippine News Portal.” The stories were picked up by blogs, (which is in Meme Buster’s list of fake news and satire sites), and

Putin Warn UN Human Rights[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Putin Warn UN Human Rights[/50_50_second] Putin Warn UN Human Rights

Based on the captions used by the FB pages, they believed in the articles’ claims about the Russian leader getting involved in the human rights affairs in the Philippines.


The article from avicsmarketing is different from the articles posted by the other two blogs. It reported that Putin supposedly said this to the UN Human Rights Group: “Get out of the Philippines OR I will finish you all!” He also wanted to stop the extrajudicial killing probe.

However, we could not find other credible sources that could verify this statement from Putin. Yes, he might have met President Rodrigo Duterte during the APEC Summit in Peru on November 19, where Duterte said he complain to Putin about Western ‘hypocrisy,’ became ‘fast friends’ with the Russian leader, and even got an invitation to visit Russia.

One thing that you cannot read about anywhere, though, is that story about Putin addressing the UN present in the Philippines and threatening to kill them if they don’t leave the new Russian ally, as per the avicsmarketing’s report. So, this is likely a fictional story.

The other articles posted by newstrendph and philnewsportal were quite easy to bust. They were exact copies of the article posted by their source,

Putin Warn UN Human Rights

Thet1mes may have started off as a satirical site, but it has removed “satire” from its About Us page and is now merely a source of fake news stories.

These were the fake Putin statements that you can find from these equally fake articles:

“This human rights group should keep off Philippines affair, i know President Duterte as a sober minded and a free thinker especially when he is taking decision, the ongoing debate on whether to probe Duterte over extrajudicial killings is baseless and unfounded, you cannot control an independent country like Philippines. We are ready to die defending President Duterte.”

“My brother Duterte should ignore the human rights quests and continue serving his people, he can even pull out of this colonial court, ICC.”


What struck us the most was that fictional line about Putin expressing his desire to die to defend Duterte. Really? Now, thet1mes has made Putin out to be a sudden Duterte fanatic? Wow!

What’s true, though, is the last quote from No Peace Without Justice’s Alison Smith that thet1mes included in its article: “Our greatest concern is that there appears to be crimes against humanity being committed in the Philippines with no attempt to stop them no attempt to investigate and prosecute them.” It was obtained from this ABS-CBN News report.

However, the rest of the claims in the article, especially the quotes that they claimed were uttered by Putin, were all lies.

Source: (

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