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  • Duterte Joking to Leave UN

    Duterte claims he was just joking when he threatened to leave UN

    President Rodrigo Duterte defended his threat to take the Philippines out of its membership in the United Nations, saying that he was just joking then. However, he said he was serious about telling the international agency that it should not meddle with the affairs in the country, especially in the government’s war against illegal drugs. […] More

  • Can PH Out of UN

    Can PH opt out of UN just like that?

    After being infuriated by mounting criticism against the anti-drug campaign of his administration, especially by the United Nations (UN), President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday suddenly came up with a wild thought. He toyed with the idea of withdrawing the Philippines from its UN membership. “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United […] More

  • Duterte Ask UN Good Deed
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    Duterte asks when UN did ‘good deed’ for PH; Well, UN gathered $193M for Yolanda victims

    Amid calls from United Nations experts human rights experts to stop extrajudicial killings in the Philippines’ war against drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to leave the UN and even asked what good deed the intergovernmental organization did for the country. “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. Eh kung ganiyan […] More

  • Duterte Threatens to Leave UN

    UN expert accepts Panelo’s dare to visit PH, angers Duterte who threatens to leave UN 

    President Rodrigo Duterte issued a threat to have the Philippines leave the United Nations (UN) after human rights experts urged him to stop the extrajudicial killings in his campaign against drugs. Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on summary executions, warned Duterte about endorsing the killing of suspected drug personalities, calling it as his way of […] More