Busted: Duterte honored by United Nations as “World Anti-Terrorism Ambassador”? Hoax alert!

Facebook user Frank Maxy shared an article with the group “President Rody Duterte Facebook Army” to celebrate the appointment of President Rodrigo Duterte by the United Nations as ‘World Anti-Terrorism Ambassador.’

Duterte World Anti Terrorism Ambassador

According to the article, the President has been honored by the United Nations for his fight against drugs, terrorism and corruption and thus he was named as the “World Anti-Terrorism Ambassador.”

Allegedly, a short ceremony to commemorate the prestigious award is going to be held at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA on January 20 and the United Nations Security Council has asked for Duterte’s presence. This event shall coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States.


The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is part of the six primary bodies of the United Nations (UN) and is known for maintaining international peace and security which makes the appointment a greater honor.

However, there are no official news about the UNSC giving out any titles such as ‘World Anti-Terrorism Ambassador.’ Furthermore, with the numerous lambasting that Duterte has done to them in the past, the UN will most probably think twice before handing out such an award to the Philippine President.

Moreover, the UNSC’s established team which works to prevent terrorist acts within the borders and across the regions of member countries, the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC), is currently led by Israel ambassador Danny Danon, following his win in the election last June 2016.


Also, upon closer inspection, we have noticed that the links provided in the previews were clickbait.

In Frank Maxy’s post, the preview of the link shows that the source of the news is; however, upon clicking, the article is actually from Charles Nehemia Network (CNN) at, which seems like a parody of the Cable News Network (CNN) news site. This is the same site that published fake news such as Trump inviting Duterte to his January inauguration and Duterte being the first world leader whom Trump called after winning the US election.

Duterte World Anti Terrorism Ambassador

The same deception can be found in the Facebook page “World News,” which shows the link preview as but redirects you to which actually stands for Carl Nixon Newton All Live. Again, the website seems to be a rip-off of CNN in order to fool the readers that the headline was released by a reliable source. The fake news site also published hoaxes, including Samsung naming their phone after Duterte, Trump sending his private jet to fetch Duterte, and Duterte rejecting the private jet given by SM owner Henry Sy.

Duterte World Anti Terrorism Ambassador

Duterte World Anti Terrorism Ambassador

Hence, it is important for netizens to verify and validate the links of said sources and stop relying on the headlines alone.

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