Busted: Samsung named their newly launched Galaxy phones after Duterte? Satire alert!

Can you believe the Korean technology giant released a phone named after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

Former Congressman Abdulgani “Gerry” Salapuddin shared the news. He wrote: “South Korea’s multi-national tech giant Samsung Electronics had immortalized Pres. Rody R. Duterte by releasing a phone named after him. The phone is called “SAMSUNG GALAXY DUTERTE.” It will be released to the market on October 16. As usual, the Duterte phone will carry with it the usual quality, features and design of a Samsung phone.”

Samsung Galaxy Phones After Duterte

Facebook page Kilusang Bagong Lipunan also shared the same article, celebrating how famous Duterte is for Samsung to name one line of their mobile phone after him. The page did not fail to slam the Liberal Party and the media too as it wrote: “Kultong dilaw at mga dilawan media bitter na naman po sila mamatay kayo sa inggit. Hoy de Lima ano masasabi mo.”

Samsung Galaxy Phones After Duterte

According to the article from a blog called CNN-ALIVE, Samsung launched a new Galaxy model named after Duterte, calling it Samsung Galaxy Duterte. The default ringtone is the national anthem of the Philippines and the default wallpaper is Duterte, the article added.

The article also give the details on the specifics of the Samsung Galaxy Duterte, adding that the phones will be available this October 15, 2016.

The article that was first uploaded on January 1, 2016 by CNN-ALIVE is a satirical article.

Samsung Galaxy Phones After Duterte

According to the blog’s About Us page, their website is an online satirical blog that posts satirical and spoof news website. They added that it they don’t check facts or corroborating sources and they “never let the truth ruin a funny story” because according to them, it is so much easier to just make up stories.

They also clarified that if you read a story on their blog, “you are NOT supposed to believe it.” All their stories were made up for entertainment purposes.

So, Samsung is not going to name any of their phones after Duterte. Sadly, the comments section of the Facebook pages that shared the satirical article showed that many believed it to be true.

Samsung Galaxy Phones After Duterte

Samsung Galaxy Phones After Duterte

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